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04 Jan 2006

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Quebec (CAN) & France




artist painter


painting,digitals,music (composing,;singing),

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Advantage Member: No
Entries Posted: 955
Total Votes: 29,824
Votes Per Post: 31.23
Contest Wins: 41
Second Place: 56
Third Place: 53
Fourth Place: 60
Fifth Place: 68
Win Percentage: 4.3%
Rank Per Post: 75.83%
PSCore: 60.72
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Favorite Movie:
Lost Highway,A Clockwork Orange, ...

Favorite Book:

Favorite Bands:
Depeche Mode, NIN, Joy Div,Radiohead

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Favorite Photoshop Tool:
cloning tool, fluidity(but multi-lay

How did you get your PSC nickname?

What is your real name and age?
Nicolas Tcherno-Ivanenko (it's my ukrainian origins).1973.

Where are you from and what do you like best about being there?
EDit : im currently living in Caanada.(

What do you do to keep the bills paid?

What do you do in your spare time?

How did you find PSC, and what do you like most about the site?

If you could change one thing at PSC, what would it be and why?

Is there any other information about you would like to pass on?

How many hours per week do you spend on PSC?

What other sites, not Photoshop related, do you like to surf?

What tools do you use to chop?

What gets your creative juices flowing, how do you create a masterpiece?

What inspires you?

Do you have a system? Does a chop have to be done a certain way following steps or are you a messy chopper and just go with the flow?
I think i tried all the ways to work…of course i still don't name my layers (" Hoooo ! ") but the only thing i do each time the same way, is the setup of all elements i need, even in a crappy way, i organize things in the space with simple marks. I stay in the " feel the flow " category whatever.

What style of chop do you prefer to create?
i’m recently involved in « realistic » works . In the opposite i like to push ps in its extremes to get new textures, new compositions, shapes,colors, besides my work with traditional tools, i mean, on canvas, with oil. But now that learnt the basis of classical chopping, i feel in a way, able to create very complex worlds, merely abstract (even if ‘d prefer « controlled hazardous organic shapes » lol), but believable in their technical realism. But the main motivation is to put a lot of contrasted feelings, a weird drama, not a narrative one, a sensitive one.

Filters, brushes and techniques: Which do you use, and not use, and why?
Everything i find, in urgency, in the flow but always fading every actions. I don’t use any plug’ins because every complex effect can be done with a good knowledge of the simplest tools. But the tool i use the most is cloning/healing combined with fluidity…i create brushes too.

When do you know that you have it just right, or is it constant changes up until, or after, you post?

What is the limit to what you will chop?

Are there any tips and/or tricks that you would like to pass along to less experienced choppers?

What is your favorite type of source image, and why?

There is often talk about how the source is used and to what extent it should be. What are your views on all sources, outside source use and animations?

What is your preferred resource for outside source images?

In your opinion what makes a good chop?

Do you have a system to get things started?

Have you ever completed a chop and then decided not to enter it in the contest? If so, why?

After you finish your chop do you just post it or seek opinions of family and/or fellow choppers first?

If some one finds a fault in your work do you change it or stay with what you posted?

What qualities do you look for when deciding to vote on a chop?

Some member prefer not to vote for filtered chops or animations. Is there any particular style/type of chop you won't vote for?

Time is always a factor, how much time do you spend on a chop and how much time is too much?

We all love to get votes. Now are you a constant vote checker or do you just let it go and check once a day? (be honest)

What chop of yours did not do as well as you expected?

What do you consider your best chop so far?

What do you consider your worst chop so far?

Who is your favorite chopper out there and why?

What do you NOT like to see in a chop, and why not?

What is the best chop of all time?

Do you have any other PSC related comments to add?

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