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Eve   @ 5:38 pm (28 Mar 24)
the202 said: I agree with Eve.
Music to my hears. Hug
re: mouse over, mine is 14,981!? Nearly 15K members in 2005?
Must've included all of the aliases... Raising Brow
Prince Laurent   @ 11:51 am (28 Mar 24)
Thank you very very much!!. That work 10/10 witout the S of "hhtp"S""
SplatShot   @ 5:25 pm (27 Mar 24)
I see one mistake I made. The code will only be target="psc_link"
SplatShot   @ 5:22 pm (27 Mar 24)
Sorry late answer, but I believe I gave Prince an answer on direct target image links PM.
2 ways:
1. remove the (s) in the address portion of "https:" and submit. (easy way)
2. add this html target code including the quote marks (") to the end of you address and inside the html brackets "target="psc_link"
Testing below. Hopefully the chat accepts the html code. Shot in the dark with no preview
the202   @ 6:55 am (25 Mar 24)
Fun fact, mouse over your username in chat (ex: the202) and it'll reveal a number roughly correlated with the overall user base that existed at the time of joining - In my case, 3182 (roughly 22 years ago).
the202   @ 6:38 am (25 Mar 24)
I agree with Eve.
genesis2   @ 8:06 pm (18 Feb 24)
Let it rest in peace!
nevet   @ 9:21 pm (16 Feb 24)
Azionite   @ 8:53 pm (16 Feb 24)
Hey slackers! I see chat is about as active as usual! Laughing Laughing
Eve   @ 1:36 am (26 Jan 24)
The Pope and trump were on a stage in front of a large crowd. The Pope says to trump, “Do you know that with one little wave of my hand I can make every person in this crowd go wild with joy? This joy will not be a momentary display, like that of your followers, but go deep into their hearts and for the rest of their lives whenever they speak of this day, they will rejoice!”
Trump replies, “I seriously doubt that, with one wave of your hand? Show me!”
So the Pope slapped him.
Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
genesis2   @ 4:24 pm (19 Jan 24)
maybe Splatshot can help.
genesis2   @ 4:22 pm (19 Jan 24)
genesis2 said: Your Description goes here
well that didn't work, so sorry
genesis2   @ 4:20 pm (19 Jan 24)
Prince Laurent   @ 1:03 pm (18 Jan 24)
Hi, & please : how to create the link of externals?? (only one click...) 🙃
pscbuzz   @ 10:30 am (15 Dec 23)
@ 96needles-- Congratulations on winning the recent content. Please share your Paypal id, so that we can release the funds from our end.

Insomnix   @ 2:52 pm (14 Dec 23)
So, still having issues. In every contest, instead of showing the link to the image, when I click on it I get sent to a link that says Page can not be found. So I am unable to get any source images. This is from several different machines and my phone.
ledirlo   @ 5:18 pm (11 Dec 23)
Islamic dictatorship in France eu
ledirlo   @ 12:50 pm (11 Dec 23)
nevet   @ 6:44 pm (21 Nov 23)
I'm feeling inspired might do a chop Very Happy
nevet   @ 6:35 pm (21 Nov 23)
deshone   @ 11:42 am (19 Nov 23)
you mean me ??

Eve said: I miss everyone who used to participate here...the crazies, jokesters and the intellects. And there were so many of them (us). Love, Eve
Janfet   @ 6:14 pm (05 Nov 23)
wish they d do another reunion contest. Hello all
genesis2   @ 12:52 pm (31 Oct 23)
wedoo, go to edit/preferences/performance, play with the graphic processor settings and see what happens, if not contact the people that made your processor and ask them.
wedoo2   @ 12:37 am (29 Oct 23)
My new ver 25 worked pretty good for a couple of days and now it is crashing on opening. I think it is a graphics card problem but it won't let me try to fix it. Anyone else?
mason4300   @ 1:22 am (24 Oct 23)
bsoholic   @ 8:38 pm (20 Oct 23)
Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana
bsoholic   @ 8:26 pm (20 Oct 23)
i got this weird dejavu feeling and though, i should go to psc chat. strange
ledirlo   @ 5:42 pm (17 Oct 23)
I respect l AM bigbuck.........
Eve   @ 3:40 am (13 Oct 23)
I miss everyone who used to participate here...the crazies, jokesters and the intellects. And there were so many of them (us). Love, Eve
Eve   @ 3:37 am (13 Oct 23)
volkswes said: what is this place?
same as it ever was.
Hey you Very Happy
volkswes   @ 2:20 pm (10 Oct 23)
I think I have been here before,
volkswes   @ 2:19 pm (10 Oct 23)
what is this place?
ledirlo   @ 2:42 pm (09 Oct 23)
ledirlo   @ 11:01 am (26 Sep 23)
ledirlo   @ 5:49 pm (15 Sep 23)
woodie   @ 8:53 pm (11 Sep 23)
Happy Birthday!
ledirlo   @ 4:30 pm (13 Aug 23)
"we own her won yer fate !"
ledirlo   @ 3:23 am (12 Aug 23)
ledirlo   @ 3:22 am (12 Aug 23)
LV, hello ;(
janetdog   @ 1:02 pm (04 Aug 23)
Hola from roasting Las Vegas! Miss you guys some days
ledirlo   @ 8:58 pm (28 Jul 23)
genesis2 said: do you get the feeling you're talking to yourself?

I often do, it's how I work
MsgtBob   @ 3:19 pm (27 Jul 23)
Hello... Hello... Hello..just checking on the echo. Rolling Eyes
genesis2   @ 5:08 pm (24 Jul 23)
do you get the feeling you're talking to yourself?
ledirlo   @ 10:56 pm (23 Jul 23)
it's mouse cursors ;p
ledirlo   @ 10:55 pm (23 Jul 23)
ledirlo   @ 10:55 pm (23 Jul 23)
what do you mean by "a threat" ?
ledirlo   @ 9:15 pm (13 Jul 23)
it's mouse cursors I have made, Mac .cape file , mousecape freeware
ledirlo   @ 9:15 pm (13 Jul 23)
ledirlo   @ 9:08 am (11 Jul 23)
okay I'm off for now have a nice day
ledirlo   @ 9:07 am (11 Jul 23)
la la laaaaaa...tom dom dum da daaaa

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