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16 Apr 2003

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Chugiak Alaska






Too many to list...

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Advantage Member: No
Entries Posted: 466
Total Votes: 6,470
Votes Per Post: 13.88
Contest Wins: 28
Second Place: 29
Third Place: 35
Fourth Place: 36
Fifth Place: 30
Win Percentage: 6.0%
Rank Per Post: 59.47%
PSCore: 44.02
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This guy

stepping into color

Baby Elephant

Teach your children, NO

2 minute chop
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by abraham

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by the burning couch
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Just one? I use lots of tools.

How did you get your PSC nickname?
First and middle initials of my name, and part of my last name.....I wished I could remember my first sign in name.....way back when PSC was only about 6 months old!! ;)

What is your real name and age?
I'd rather not relinguish my age, old as dirt, probably could say. lol...My real name is Peggy. No, I am not the Peggy in that commercial, though he is pretty cute, lol.

Where are you from and what do you like best about being there?
I am in Alaska. I guess the thing I like most about Alaska is the mountains, scenery, wildlife, seclusion, and my family...except one daughter who lives in another state.

What do you do to keep the bills paid?
I wonder about that......I think my husband must pay them! :)

What do you do in your spare time?
I play on photoshop, play the guitar (some might say poorly), draw, paint (acrylic), and some stuff you don't need to know, right? ;)

How did you find PSC, and what do you like most about the site?
If I remember right, I think my brother mentioned it to me, or I found it when looking for brushes or something. It has been many years, can't remember yesterday. :(

If you could change one thing at PSC, what would it be and why?
I like it the way it is, but if I could change something, purely selfish, I'd say everyone should win $$ when they place. But that isn't going to happen. It would be nice to get paid for all the time doing chops! :)

Is there any other information about you would like to pass on?
I just like to work on chops that make me smile. I can imagine it might make someone else smile too. I learn something new everyday, but forget something everyday too...photoshop is something you just keep learning on. I am not a pro, oh no, but it is fun and I keep trying!

How many hours per week do you spend on PSC?
Hmm, that depends, some days I spend 2-3 hours, some days I don't chop a all.

What other sites, not Photoshop related, do you like to surf?
I love Google. Google has become my best friend, something I can go to for any sort of information that I need. I do have facebook.

What tools do you use to chop?
I use a mouse, or tablet on either a PC or notebook. Both have Vista on them. I know I need to upgrade. My PC died, so will be getting a new one for Christmas. (Wink wink) I have been a good girl, so Santa better give me a new one!

What gets your creative juices flowing, how do you create a masterpiece?
Flip the picture every direction....maybe just look at part of it, or the whole. If I can see something right away I just go with it, but sometimes it takes forever to get something in mind. Masterpiece? I always hope it will end up one, but rarely am I totally happy with what I enter. :(

What inspires you?
I am inspired by all the wonderful chops of the masters. Everytime I see one that makes me just say WOW....I have to try to achieve that, and it keeps me going.

Do you have a system? Does a chop have to be done a certain way following steps or are you a messy chopper and just go with the flow?
I guess I am a messy chopper, unless I know exactly what I am going to do. I end up spending half my time trying to figure out how to fix what I have done.

What style of chop do you prefer to create?
I love doing all of them. Funny, yes...that is my motivation. It is a lot of comic relief for me to create a funny chop. I also like doing creations that nobody can say it isn't correct, besides always remind me that I can't figure out shadows.

Filters, brushes and techniques: Which do you use, and not use, and why?
Filters, I use lighting effects, blur, and sometimes liquify. Brushes, I love brushes, I make my own sometimes also. I can't help it, drawing etc is in my blood.

When do you know that you have it just right, or is it constant changes up until, or after, you post?
Most times I know I am done. No matter what I see later. But other times, I will play around with the picture after I posted it, and improve it. I hate looking at a picture after you post it, only to see something really know everyone else will see it.

What is the limit to what you will chop?
Blood isn't really bad, but I don't usually like really ghory stuff. Where do you draw the line? I don't chop nudity, sexual explicid stuff. I try to remember that my child sees these chops a lot of the time.

Are there any tips and/or tricks that you would like to pass along to less experienced choppers?
Keep chopping......Don't get discouraged. You will continue to learn, and eventually things will be so much faster. You never stop don't think you have to learn it all in a day.

What is your favorite type of source image, and why?
It depends. Any picture can be a favorite, if you can get a good idea from it.

There is often talk about how the source is used and to what extent it should be. What are your views on all sources, outside source use and animations?
I admire animations, but they take too long to download to view. But I think maybe a couple times a month their should be a gif day. Outside sources are ok most times. I try to do all source chops whenever I can. But sometimes a good outside source brings the whole chop together.

What is your preferred resource for outside source images?

In your opinion what makes a good chop?
Eyecandy.....something you can look at over and over, maybe even make it your wallpaper and would be happy with it. That would be a good chop.

Do you have a system to get things started?
Nope, usually background noises....but not by choice. Or wait until everyone is sleeping, total quiet.

Have you ever completed a chop and then decided not to enter it in the contest? If so, why?
All the time. I have my picture folder full of chops I never submitted. I didn't because I didn't like them or wasn't totally done, and didn't finish before the contest started.

After you finish your chop do you just post it or seek opinions of family and/or fellow choppers first?
My son is the only one I can get an opinion from . He is 8 so he likes most things.... :)

If some one finds a fault in your work do you change it or stay with what you posted?
I have changed it before, but now I just leave it....

What qualities do you look for when deciding to vote on a chop?
I appreciate when you can tell someone put a lot of effort in a chop.

Some member prefer not to vote for filtered chops or animations. Is there any particular style/type of chop you won't vote for?
Something that I wouldn't want my 8 year old to see.

Time is always a factor, how much time do you spend on a chop and how much time is too much?
I think I spend way too much time on each chop. Sometimes hours on a single chop.

We all love to get votes. Now are you a constant vote checker or do you just let it go and check once a day? (be honest)
It depends on how much I love my chop and how much I hope it does good. I try to leave them till the end.....depends.

What chop of yours did not do as well as you expected?
Several of them were disapointments......lots of them.

What do you consider your best chop so far?
I don't know, does that mean the one that got the most votes, or the one that I really liked myself?

What do you consider your worst chop so far?
The ones that get nearly 0 votes.......pick one.

Who is your favorite chopper out there and why?
That's not a fair question. There are sooo many great choppers (some don't chop often enough) but to pick just one, impossible.

What do you NOT like to see in a chop, and why not?
nudity total vulgarity.....because it is supposed to be a General Audience Contest.

What is the best chop of all time?
I see new ones that could be added to the top of the list all the time.

Do you have any other PSC related comments to add?
Yes, this is twice I have filled out these questions, and hope it works this time.

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