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03 Nov 2003

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Kingston, ONTARIO, CAN



Multi Media Artist & Accordion Player



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Advantage Member: YES!
Entries Posted: 139
Total Votes: 2,449
Votes Per Post: 17.62
Contest Wins: 9
Second Place: 11
Third Place: 5
Fourth Place: 4
Fifth Place: 5
Win Percentage: 6.5%
Rank Per Post: 70.26%
PSCore: 51.80
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A Rose By Any Other Name

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The Punishment...

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Extended User Profile
Favorite Quote:
You can not solve a problem with the same minds that created it...

Favorite Movie:
American Beauty / Avatar

Favorite Book:
[A Prayer for Owen Meany]

Favorite Bands:
Tom Petty, Peter Gabriel, MuteMath

Favorite Songs:
[as if I'll fit them all in here...]

Favorite Photoshop Tool:
[depends on the job]

How did you get your PSC nickname?
My real name is Reinier. You can figure out the rest! ;)

What is your real name and age?
See above. And I'm currently about a 1/2 century young.

Where are you from and what do you like best about being there?
Originally from near Toronoto Canada, but now living in the Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada. I (normally) like the creativity here at PSC.

What do you do to keep the bills paid?
I'm a photographer, graphic designer, music producer, rock & roll accordion player, and dabble in all things CREATIVE.

What do you do in your spare time?
The above kinda keeps me busy - but if I get a quiet moment I love chewing through a good novel or two.

How did you find PSC, and what do you like most about the site?
Somehow I tripped over it. When I joined it was a wee small community and it was not that well known. Now it is WAY known. :/

If you could change one thing at PSC, what would it be and why?
I'd get rid of Advantage. It really hasn't been an advantage to ME. I'm a fast chopper, and giving these talented people a week [UPDATE: Now a whole MONTH! :P ] to work on a chop doesn't really prove anything, except that they have lotsa time to spend on a chop. When I joined, I spent the first year without Advantage and it was really fun. Had to think fast, had to chop fast. Now it is starting to feel like an endurance test ... :(

Is there any other information about you would like to pass on?
Be good to each other - don't treat fools badly but inspire them to be less foolish. Help someone when they ask for help, and have some compassion as you do so. But don't put up with bullsh*t for too long either. Oh, and keep a good sense of humour with you ALWAYS! :D

How many hours per week do you spend on PSC?
Zeeesh! Er, um... TOO MANY ! [my wife typed that last bit!]

What other sites, not Photoshop related, do you like to surf?
Er, um... I'd rather NOT talk about those! :P

What tools do you use to chop?
MAC computers (laptop & desktop), PS CS4, Fireworks, Illustrator, Canon 50D & 5D mk2

What gets your creative juices flowing, how do you create a masterpiece?
For me it is more about how to STOP the creative juices from flowing - it gets MESSY in here!

What inspires you?
Good, open-hearted, creative, & witty people.

Do you have a system? Does a chop have to be done a certain way following steps or are you a messy chopper and just go with the flow?
More Flow with me. Once I get a handle on where my chop is going, I may dig into my bag of Crafty Photoshop Chops and apply some more regimented moves to it. Truth be told, I'm more of an IDEAS man than a DETAILS man. Thus, my enjoyment of a good SPEED CHOP.

What style of chop do you prefer to create?
Funny for sure. I don't really worry about all this fuss with JUST SOURCE or ONLY USED MY MOM's ROLLING PIN or whatever. I just like to end up with an image that entertains the folks in the audience!

Filters, brushes and techniques: Which do you use, and not use, and why?
Again, I'll use what works. Sometimes I can use a pre-set filter and get just the effect I want. Most of the time I'm doing stuff from scratch so I can tailor the effect more accurately. I rarely use special brushes (I just adjust the width and the opacity and the edge softness on those ROUND brushes). I guess I may use certain techniques, but I've never paid attention to what I'm doing most of the time. One of the benefits of being A.D.D. :)

When do you know that you have it just right, or is it constant changes up until, or after, you post?
I'll get it about 96% right at time of posting. Then, more often than not when I check my post I'll notice some niddly little bit of PooPoo - and I'll do a quick tweak and re-upload. Once a contest starts I very very rarely tweak my images unless something HORRIBLE is pointed out to me.

What is the limit to what you will chop?
Don't like bloody bits (unless skillfully used for a tasteful laugh - which ain't easy to do). Don't like to do anything that makes a religion or culture "wrong" - we got enough ignorant people of all religions and cultures on this planet already and I don't want to add to the pain. Won't spend HOURS on a chop for this site - the pay here SUCKS. ;)

Are there any tips and/or tricks that you would like to pass along to less experienced choppers?
Practice. Practice. Practice. Observe "real life" (not that Reality Shite on TV!) and see how things REALLY look in your world... from visual to spiritual, keep your eyes open. If you don't know how it REALLY is you'll have a hard time trying to do a realistic chop! Oh, and did I mention PRACTICE??

What is your favorite type of source image, and why?
I like (and hate) most source pictures equally.

There is often talk about how the source is used and to what extent it should be. What are your views on all sources, outside source use and animations?
F*ck it! Just what a creative site needs: control issues! I say let people create what they want from the source picture, let them add whatever they want in whatever manor they choose. They can tell us about it in the comments area IF THEY WANT TO and the proper people can then be impressed. I personally think its a waste of time worrying and fussing about this.

What is your preferred resource for outside source images?
I usually either go to GOOGLE or, more often now, pull out my camera and take my own images for a chop.

In your opinion what makes a good chop?
Humour. Surprise. Mental Impact (it makes you think a moment or two). And, very importantly, a sense of believability or reality. Crappy chopping can certainly ruin a brilliant concept or image idea. Though, a brilliant idea with a mediocre chop will sometimes get my vote - specially if it made me laugh.

Do you have a system to get things started?
Nope. I'm my own system. Just need me and PS!

Have you ever completed a chop and then decided not to enter it in the contest? If so, why?
Sure. Why? Because it was CRAP!

After you finish your chop do you just post it or seek opinions of family and/or fellow choppers first?
I just post it and see what happens. Other peoples opinions usually are a source of confusion (and some amount of pain) for me!

If some one finds a fault in your work do you change it or stay with what you posted?
If it is a really really STOOPID blunder I might change it and acknowledge it in the comments area. But I would not normally adjust my images once the contest starts rolling.

What qualities do you look for when deciding to vote on a chop?
Humour. Surprise. Mental Impact (it makes you think a moment or two). And, very importantly, a sense of believability or reality. Crappy chopping can certainly ruin a brilliant concept or image idea. [these questions are starting to feel simular!]

Some member prefer not to vote for filtered chops or animations. Is there any particular style/type of chop you won't vote for?
If it is MEAN SPIRITED (anti-somebody or racist or agenda-oriented). Animated GIFs are just fine - I love them.

Time is always a factor, how much time do you spend on a chop and how much time is too much?
If I spend more than a 1/2 hour on a chop I start feeling guilty. I'm self-employed and get paid by the hour, so PSC is strictly DOWN TIME for me. Never made any $$$ or made and business contacts through this site, so time spent here is time well wasted for me! :D

We all love to get votes. Now are you a constant vote checker or do you just let it go and check once a day? (be honest)
I used to care about votes. Now, with the new changes over the last year or so, any monkey with some creativety can have a 40+ VPP in about a week. I've been chopping hard since the early days and (unless I scrap ReinMan and start up a new account) will never get my VPP up that high. In the old days, a winning chop might have 12 or 13 votes! Ah, its all spinning in my head now!!! EEIIIEIEIIiiiiiIEEE! You've awakened The Beast!!! :O

What chop of yours did not do as well as you expected?
Many. Too. Mention.

What do you consider your best chop so far?
I love ALL my babies, even the ugly ones! :D Though my "DOCTOR IS IN" animated GIF is one I love a BIT more than the others.

What do you consider your worst chop so far?
That one where nobody voted for it? That one SUCKED!

Who is your favorite chopper out there and why?
Lots of good choppers around here. I won't name names, but I will say that some of them DO NOT come around here anymore... :(

What do you NOT like to see in a chop, and why not?
Hasn't this been asked already? I'm getting tired of this? Can I have my cookie and go home now?

What is the best chop of all time?
Human Beings. God did a pretty wacky thing there, and packed in a awful lot of complexity, reality, drama and potential laughs (AND potential tears, I might add from experience).

Do you have any other PSC related comments to add?
I want to say this. I miss the older more simple PSC. This community is a very THRIVING one here, but it has gotten rather OverSized for me. I do my best to get to know newer choppers, but there just isn't time. I have made some good friends (real friends, not just Cyber-Buddies) here, but I feel that the time of really getting to know people here is passing. That is too bad... Oh, and GET RID OF MONTH LONG ADVANTAGE NOW! Please?

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