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Location: france

Post Wed Jun 14, 2023 5:41 am   Reply with quote         

Sorry my post doesn't work I need to find how to use the img tags and all

I here share what I have made for my own website and customers, given I sell my photoshop services online, proper and succint AI related info, BUT, why is AI image generation the sh*t, the true REVOLUTION I say it is...

************************************* [b][size=18]REVOLUTION [/size][/b]*************************************
[img] [/img]
[i]legend: what is it that I see ? same interrogation then and now, noone has probably ever known since those were made for magic or for trapping curious people in order to rob them or to attack them...yeah[/i]

************************************* [b][b]Introduction [/b]************************************* [b]

AI imaging technology is, broadly speaking, one of the most important revolutions to occur since the beginning of mankind, nothing less. 

Technically speaking AI allows us to combine our creative impulse with an efficient translation of our intentions and feelings, so that we can see them as we really want them to be seen, and thus all possible and impossible objects are available to us.

[b]A major step for mankind[/b]: This revolution for us will see children learning to draw with AI, and so a new phase of learning will be experienced, as these children are already the first on earth to provide their entire mind and body with efficiency in invention and translation from their intellect to the result, whereas before children learned manually to create images or invent. From now on, their minds will be hundreds of times more unimaginably direct and creative, and they will therefore be geniuses in comparison to us, true supermen. A specific brain zone that is located deep inside, near the neck is being woken up and stimulated amazingly, and set free from previous conditioning for the rest of human evolution. In our world, social elevation and artistic genius go together, and quality belongs to the chief, of to a junta so to say, in arts, politicial or industrial communication, ads, it used to be paintings for kings, and in order to elevate you need that proper quality. Now it's possible, we've just been set free from the past thank to AI.
Now businesses can afford cheap top-level communication thank to AI so businesses will stay alive as their budget is spared from huge photoshop prices, plus they indeed attract people and thrive. The Google etc guys who develloped AI last year had in mind to bring another "cool revolution to the world that will let people thrive escaping the mafious governmental schemes and their com agencies mafious partnerseeeeep, and every kid will be able to make his dreams come true, and bad governments will collapse so we can all move on and do well with a new hope" etc, which I think is great and remarkable and I need to let people know it's that cool ;) just like they did with google, bing, open office things, linux, youtube, for people to have awesome technology-based fun, is promoting freedom of speech and all that.Superior, truly.

[b]Commercially: in this respect, AI boosts production by speeding up decisions enormously, because any project involving a decision in advance can access precise visualization with once again revolutionary variety, quality and speed. It also gives small brands access to a breathtaking quality of visual communication, creativity, illustration, pseudo-3D, photography and photo-montage, and thus the world's neck-and-neck revolution.[/b]

************************************* [b]everything's new[/b]*************************************
[/img] [i]prehistoric man pretending to his imaginary furry buddy that he just conceived him with AI[/i]

[i]caveman discovering an artistic motivation without knowing what's going on[/i]

************************************ [b]yeah, but for work ?[/b]************************************

Ideally, you come up with either a precise order or a project, in this case you may ask us to provide you with a given number of AI generated images that we produce following your guidelines. IMPORTANT : AI images always require traditional photoshop work because those images happen to be far from perfect when they are produced :

• Images first have to be resized with special AI-based tools unless you want small web images to display on a webpage without much quality. This way it is possible to resize images so they are used on an A4 format with good quality.

• Images have to be fixed because very often an image you like has to say the less "flaws": men with three arms or weird faces are very common and need expert photoshop skills, either on small or large formats.

• Image generation takes a lot of energy and time, it is a tedious task. Still, it is a still new technique that you probably want to cling to. I won't explain .

• AI images are a first class choice for making truly superior Flyers, postcards, book covers, small photos for the press, ads, artistic direction, stickers, small prints of any kind, illustration for the press, books.

• NOTE: The technical limitations that are implied by current technologies do not replace a 3D modeller or very advanced VIDEO AI.


And that's it, check out my own website, you'll see AI images advertised there, still fresh, and it looks like the most professionnal stuff ever seen on a retoucher's website or portfolio. I show that to customers, they drool. And it's far from being everything I have to advertise more I've made like 1000 images in a few days, and some of them are unbelievable concepts I don't wanna show :p

But for you all, many want their motivation or maybe dream to come true, that's to have fun making images, and just get that "very you" image you will have made pinned up in your house, it's fun

After a few days of work, you feel like renaissance painter Michaelangello sitting in front of his masterpieces in this image below, I made as a gay ridiculous character because nowadays we're all better artists than he is, thank to AI

okay, I wanted to give you that POV, that it's the biggest social evolution to ever happen and it's right now and it's good.



Location: up the hill

Post Sat Jun 17, 2023 8:01 pm   Reply with quote         

Piss off.


Location: france

Post Mon Jun 19, 2023 5:24 am   Reply with quote         

shrink's office is next door sorry


Location: Land of the Free

Post Wed Jun 21, 2023 12:51 am   Reply with quote         



Location: Land of the Free

Post Thu Jun 22, 2023 6:18 pm   Reply with quote         

I don't get all the hubbub!

AI has been used in animal breeding for years.


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