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Photoshop Contest Entry #47416

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Obernik Obernik
ow yeah... let me be the first
deshone deshone
flyman flyman
bluefist bluefist
The Best.
blackfox blackfox
very cool post. . no wait. . .it's hot.. . . well except for the red smudge on the hot dog's end.
PSman PSman
Very Nice!
Showcase Showcase
you are the master of my universe! ;)
misterP misterP
Poor guy just wants his hotdog before he dies!
jerry717 jerry717
That's funny
Zingaro Zingaro
too much work in here,its pretty useless try to do any other post today.-nicely done-goodda!
nancers nancers
OK, you need to let me know when you are posting so I won't post on the same day. No one will bother to vote for anything else now ; ) Excellent!!
ironmc43 ironmc43
tcrkay tcrkay
damn waste of good food
gfx_lac gfx_lac
needs a lot of time!!!
berger berger
very you
billtvshow billtvshow
heck yeah man, i love tornados, i wait on them to cut the lawn for me
joelfreeman joelfreeman
how can we compete?
angie69 angie69
: )┤cant post...excellent
dewking dewking
Rondo Rondo
ReinMan ReinMan
Wow! Orgasmic Mustard Experience vote :)
Doodler! Doodler!
Chopper Chopper
2 hours into the contest and already 23 votes. New record, maybe?
fluados fluados
great work dude
base-zum base-zum
occecid occecid
heyyou heyyou
tyblubearboy tyblubearboy
Average ;)
Zetape Zetape
queen0fbats queen0fbats
i guess i find out in 3 days who posted this ... in the meantime ... i just vote
Serps Serps
stl7dust stl7dust
Hanzeeg72 Hanzeeg72
no point in waiting for other posts today. I'd vote for this anyhow.
gmahlert gmahlert
This is great
nyxxie nyxxie
jasper jasper
i cried.
splodge splodge
dizzydee dizzydee
EddyG EddyG
Street-meat in New York is blue regardless of the atmosphere. That's some high-end sh*t going to waste. Perfection.
KahRayZee KahRayZee
paradoxia paradoxia
beautiful.....just beautiful....*wipes tears away*
leif leif
16ozBud 16ozBud
madvoodo madvoodo
Makes no SENCE that a Grown person doesnt know how to Spell ..........Sense........I voted. F Yall that Didnt
styson styson
Just had to throw one your way when I saw this, so awesome.
betdoval betdoval
no words ! ;)
tjsnaps tjsnaps
MoZub MoZub
CodeHead1101 CodeHead1101
Hot-diggity-dog!!! This post rocks!!! Made me laugh, and has a great feel to it to boot. As a side note, I'd be going after the hot dog too. No use in wasting a hard earned $1.25 over something as trivial as impending doom (after all it could be your last meal that's getting away). ;)
scrolbar scrolbar
Ha! This is great! Easily worth a vote!
Grimmie Grimmie
Cool ! :o)
laurent24 laurent24
the hot dog smashed (the mustard splatters) on the camera lens nice done
KaBooM KaBooM
anfa anfa
jyo jyo
after seeing the sources I have to vote. This is a wicked image dude. My only thing would be; You can see the old mustard under the new mustard on the left, but no big deal at all. Totally sweet dude.
fzwarkatootl fzwarkatootl
deseado deseado


elrafaarg elrafaarg
nice, but the hot dog must be blue
papilay papilay
cool colors =)
babyface42 babyface42
Wow that rocks !
Doodler! Doodler!
lol you really are the man
KaBooM KaBooM
nekro nekro
"advantage" advantage... doh :) i wonder how many hours you spend on that, just my curiosity :))
nekro nekro
and, btw... when you look at the hot-dog the light come from the right, when you look at the guy... the light come from the left, and when you look in back, well... the light appears to come from the front :) anyway, nice work but I won't vote, it's almos
metalic metalic
comment no.7 you're wrong all the lighting are from the left. also the hotdog. it's absolutely not from the right...
tyblubearboy tyblubearboy
anyway, nice work but I won't vote, it's almost PERFECT :) prick !
Chopper Chopper
Commentor no.7 is either 1) Jealous 2) Afraid the author will get a big head from posting such a kick ass post....or 3) A prick!
nekro nekro
last one... naaaah... read again my comment, idiot :) "anyway, nice work but I won't vote, it's almost PERFECT :)"
metalic metalic
LOL... my friend.... you're a strange man
splodge splodge
commenter#7 is a strange prick
Tore Tore
oh man, u got 41 votes before 9 hours of the release! This could be a record ;)
paradoxia paradoxia
commenter #7, dumb mofo, the lighting is correct for your 411
billtvshow billtvshow
I love how the hot dog and mustard are normal colors, adds a bit more surrealism to the situation and makes you process the picture a little bit longer. I'd be proud. This absolutely is top-notch work.
ReinMan ReinMan
I think it is UNREALISTIC that a man would be more concerned about his hotdog than the 2000 pound taxicab that is hurling towards his head! Tsk tsk!!!
16ozBud 16ozBud
doesnt make sence...why wounld the mustard splatter? the bread should be torn apart and soggy, even the weinner can be broken in half by the wind but the mustard will always adhere to the meat. Thia makes no sence...Im not voting for it.
16ozBud 16ozBud
Oh! I see its one of the "Advantage" posts....I dont vote for advantage posts anyway...its discrimination. It creates an unpper and lower class system...the haves and have nots. Im on welfare on dont like the "disadvatage" program I was forced into when J
metalic metalic
com'on my friend, it's only 198 Taiwan New Dollars a's give us more time & freedom. we can work anytime we like, don't need to wait...sometime it's a thin line between discrimination and entertainment ...lets it go ....:)
KaBooM KaBooM
Please GO to the message boards to view my comment about some of the comments on this thread.
Tore Tore
KaBooM KaBooM
All I can say is... Nice fucking job!:)
fleshyman fleshyman
super nice. You got mad skizizzles.
Rondo Rondo
Doesnt look likehe is going for the hotdog to me it looks like it is flinging from his hand
Showcase Showcase
and not a single comment from me...hmmmm :) I love it! In my limited world...nothing is better than creating something that creates this much passion! yes, even if its kitty :)
Hanzeeg72 Hanzeeg72
I'd like to know how many sources you used?
metalic metalic
Here's source pics
metalic metalic
Hanzeeg72 Hanzeeg72
Simply amazing. I wish I could vote twice. Fantastic work.
ReinMan ReinMan
OH> I just got it! I thought that bottle of mustard in his hand was a nasal syringe!! :D
w11 w11
billtvshow billtvshow
Welp, those source pics gave away who did this one, exactly who I thought did it: you are the master.
glennhanna glennhanna
ArtyRene68 ArtyRene68
you rock

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Created February 27, 2005
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