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Location: Australia

Post Tue Dec 02, 2008 9:31 am   Reply with quote         

I tried this a few years ago and it went ok, so here we go again. PSC's 7th birthday is coming up on the 12th of DECEMBER, and there was talk about contests and prizes and many other things. I thought it would be nice to drop all the competitive stuff and just have a thread that says thank you to PSC for what ever reason you have. Just a nice gesture to one of the best sites out there.

Now before I post mine I have noticed over the many years here that some of the old school still pop in to check up on things so...if memebers like, Patre, bluefist, chicken, Hax, Scionshade, thbeghin, 202, showcase, deshone, dewking, sage, hellraiser, kooi, and many others.

I see you guys names come up every now and then and most of you joined in the H2Hould be nice to see what makes you keep dropping in and what this place was like for you. If you are still in contact with any member of this huge freakin family email them and get them to drop back in and say hello and wish PSC a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

So new or old, chopping or not chopping say Happy Birthday to PSC.



Location: Australia

Post Tue Dec 02, 2008 9:41 am   Reply with quote         

Ok here goes
One of the best things about this place is that it never ceases to amaze me how generous the people of PSC can be. Only a few weeks ago I hit a very low point in my life, no need for reasons and shit just felt detached from the world, my advantage membership was due and I just did not want to renew it. Two members and good friends just up and went and renewed my member ship because they wanted me to hang around, that was the kick in the ass I needed.

I have seen so many people ask for help or assistance here and some one some where helps them out. The people here have for me made PSC what it is and damn if they don't just keep surprising me every time.

So Happy Birthday PSC and thanks for being here every day of the year.



Location: montreal

Post Tue Dec 02, 2008 10:39 am   Reply with quote         

Jeez... 7 years already

I agree with b_lurker... People may have come and gone but there has always been an amazing community of talented friendly people. I'm happy to be a part of it (in whatever shape or form that may be)

Thanks, to everyone for all your help over the years and all the laughs... and a great way to waist time when work is slow.

Love ya, PSC!

Happy Birthday!


beefhead said: beet, how did you make the girl puke at regular speed?

Location: Pembroke, MA

Post Tue Dec 02, 2008 12:10 pm   Reply with quote         

Happy Birthday PSC!

(Somehow this turned from a simple message into a novel... sorry)

When I first joined PSC, I was right out of college at my first "real" job doing design work. It wasn't long before I found myself waking up early and hitting refresh non-stop at 7:59am waiting for the daily image to be posted. Once it was up, it was a mad rush to get your image made and posted as soon as possible.

The site was set up completely different. You could actually chat within the pages with the image posts, more like a forum. It was a mess, but it wasn't long before a testing area was made where you could comment and post your images beforehand to get feedback on them. That was soon changed into something similar to the site as you see it now (though a lot more basic, and no "advantage".)

Early on, I was known as the "optimization police" because the site never had a file size limit, and about half the people on the site still had dial-up (good god, how old am I???). So many of the old-timers will remember getting this comment: "Please optimize your images, this one is 1MB. Typically your images should be between 50-60K."

Some understood what I was trying to do, and learned about optimizing images for web without losing image quality, while others blew up into a shout fest wondering why I would bother. Eventually JMH made a change to the site limiting the size of the images uploaded. Suck on that. Wink

I've also had my battles with various Koreans and Brazilians, back when everyone seemed to snap at the drop of a vote. I've seen people come and go, and come back again. Battles between photoshop sites, and people arguing over images that were clearly not appropriate, ending in being "banded". I still miss FytClub. Alias' ran wild when you could just add an account without much effort, it was fun for a time with people signing in with "dewk1ng, chickun, bIuefist (l is an I)".

Eventually you learn that the site is here for fun and learning and that, other than the occasional prize contest, its a place to try new things out, learn more about the programs we all use everyday, and meet a whole bunch of great people along the way. So when you don't get a vote, or wonder why something else did, remember, its just a vote.

Its been a great learning site for me. It has definitely helped me think quick when it comes to designing, while also teaching me to not always do the first thing that comes to mind, since many times, its the "obvious".

The people I have met here have helped with questions ranging from how to make an image better, to how to fix computer issues, or even how to swap out a light switch at home.

I don't post as much as I used to, but I'm usually lurking around the advantage chat. I'll do the occasional prize contest, or H2H.

I still miss the days with KenCD7 (wherever you are), and Mezopunk, and finding out about IronMC.

So Happy Birthday PSC and thank you for years of taking me away from doing real work, while teaching me what I could do when I had to get back to it.

Here's to another 12 years
- Dewking
Member #1637 since May 30, 2002

zebob 06/09 @ 11:14 am
im more of an alethic computer geek that doesnt play sports but is still strong.


Post Tue Dec 02, 2008 1:31 pm   Reply with quote         

Happy 7th th Birthday everybody on PSC

When I joined in 2004 my skills were limited, and the programme I used was Paint in Windows. So after a while I did not feel I could make the stuff I wanted to make. And when I got a new job, I forgot all about PSC. Then, an email came, about a H2H competition. I tried to join but did not qualify. And I tried to take up photoshopping again, with the same limited Paint in Windows. Untill my daughter took pitty on me and gave me a disk with a copy of a photoshop programme one of her schoolmates was using. And I have been a very frequent visiter ever since.
What I like about PSC most is the fact that you get such a mix of people with all their likes and dislikes here, who, dispite the fact that they only exist in the monitor of my computer and by the grace of the Internet, are actually very recognisable in real life too. And for someone who has spend the better part of the last three years alone at home, this was a great way of staying in touch with humans.
PSC is almost like a real community. People have explicite preconceptions about eachother - untill they learn something new. People ignore you totally, untill they suddenly break their necks over something you do. Even the ultimate punishment, the heavy sword of damnation - being expelled, terminated, black holed, told to leave and never come back - can be an eyeopener, a glimps into the mindset of some people.
One thing is for sure, ones you open the door to the PSC bar and grab a handfull of pills in the Reg Chat or drink some booze with the oldies in Advantage Chat, you either feel right at home and stay for the duration, or run away screeming. But that will only happen to those who can't stand the feeling that they have entered a family of like-minded dudes and dudets.
I think we can pride ourselves that an Art Teacher in the Philipenes told his students to go and participate in the competition, to learn from the experience - leaving us with a few weeks of crazy conspiracy scenario's what that group of newbies with that wierd addidion to their screenname was all about.
Maybe in the new year a new Art Teacher will get the same idea. And why not. PSC is a cool place to know and even better to hang out. I hope it will be for at least another 14 years, it would be great to see how photoshopping at PSC evolves.


Location: Near Albany, NY

Post Tue Dec 02, 2008 1:48 pm   Reply with quote         

I found PSC about 2 years ago. I was looking for the elusive "photoshop brush contest" that some one in another forum I visit was always saying they were winning.

I never found the brush contest (still wonder if that wasn't a fabrication?) but I stumbled on PSC.

It took me about 15 minutes of reading the tutes and browsing the contests for me to realize that this is one fun place to be!

I was a disadvantaged person, but not for long... Marty blessed me with my first Advantage membership. That's all it took! Three months later, I was renewing my membership and addicted.

While having a(nother!) baby has slowed me down a bit, I am still choppin' with baby on my lap!

My husband often helps me brainstorm ideas, and then expects me to put together this enormously difficult chop. He's my enabler, really.

I enjoy talking to all of you and all the new virtual friends I have made. MIcose, Marty, Matt, Blue, Splodge, Caf, DewDew.... and on and on.

What a fun place to just chill out and relax while venting some creative energy!

I've been sockified by ReyRey!

Location: Australia

Post Tue Dec 02, 2008 8:34 pm   Reply with quote         

Come on people, just a few words about a place you visit every day, lets get this thread rolling.



Location: Michi-gan

Post Tue Dec 02, 2008 8:46 pm   Reply with quote         

Love this place. I gotta agree with BL about the generous folks around here. I have been broke as heck lately and my Advantage was due to run out tomorrow, but somebody gave me an early Christmas present and paid for another three months! To you, I say thanks, and to the rest of PSC I also say thanks for all the help, advice, and most of all the critiques. In the short time I've been around I have improved ten fold with my PS skills and I can only hope that this place will stick around for many more years so I can keep learning and keep chopping! So thank you all again and Happy Birthday to PSC Very Happy



Location: Australia

Post Wed Dec 03, 2008 12:35 am   Reply with quote         

Well I'm only a relative newcomer to PSC. Coming up on 3 years in January.
For me, I've learned so much here it's not funny. Far more than I could ever have learned in a class somewhere.
I'm truly thankful for all the great advice I got in my early days here from guys like Rey, Bill, Sci and Mark. Also to those that often see my preposts and give me wonderful feedback/ Sean, Eve, Blue and co.
While I dont really have the time (or the good ideas!) to chop daily anymore, I am still a daily visitor to PSC.
In 3 years here, I can not remember anyone ever saying a harsh word to me and I'd like to think that I now have some good cyber-friends spreading right across the world. I suppose that if I ever find myself in the States or Europe, I might be able to get a bed for the night, or be taken down the local for a pint or two.
I'm really glad that I stumbled upon PSC back in 2006. Couldn't really imagine my daily routine without it!
Happy Birthday PSC!


Location: On Deck, South by Southeast

Post Wed Dec 03, 2008 9:32 am   Reply with quote         

I'm not here anymore for various reasons, but I still thank PSC for a lot of things. I have made several great friends whose friendship extends past the boundaries of the site, and the site also taught me how to love Photoshop.

And although several people have already brought out how much is shared and how much one can learn here, that is what it is all about. You have an amazingly talented and gracious group of people willing to share ideas and techniques, its a far better place to learn than any classroom I can think of.

So, thanks PSC and happy birthday. Very Happy

I'm highly motivated to be un-ambitious today.

Post Wed Dec 03, 2008 9:49 am   Reply with quote         

Happy Birthday PSC!
(Thanks BlueLurker for the email regarding PSC birthday.)

I remember first visiting this site with co-workers in the summer of 2002 to laugh at the images that people were posting. Back then, the site was about 90% humor. All the entries were on one giant ass long page and you waited for the images to load as you scrolled down the page. As you scrolled, you would come to an image and just start cracking up. There were some priceless comical posts back then.

It always feeled like 2003 was when PSC had the most personality. I think this was because there was a huge surge in new members and it was still pre-advantage and pre-anonymous PSC. That was PSC's heyday.

This site was actually addicting back, not so much. Laughing

Miss SS

Location: Woburn Sands, UK

Post Wed Dec 03, 2008 10:13 am   Reply with quote         

I am a veritable newbie here having only stumbled upon the community in June this year, but already feel like part of the family. Whilst the last three weeks have been quiet for me in terms of entering I still browse the site regularly and enjoy the huge amount of creativity that is shared on here everyday. I have also made some great friends on here, Jim, Nathan, Marco to name but a few, and wouldn't be without the place now!

Having had a breather I have now found my creative Mojo and will be back entering more regularly. I have learnt so much in the short time I have been here and my skills have improved so dramatically. I love the fact that the history and love for the site is apparent for everyone to see, essentially its the members who make the site what it is, and your a great bunch of people to learn from. In my honest opinion, participating here has taught me more than a professional class ever could!... thanks to you all for your help, advice and your critiques. I love this place! Smile

So, a huge thanks to PSC and all who sail in her!... Happy Birthday. x x x


Location: Peaksville, Southeast of Disorder

Post Wed Dec 03, 2008 10:24 am   Reply with quote         

Shocked YerPalAl!! You were the first persons to help me along here. I miss you man! Crying or Very sad
So anyway, some know this story already... because of PSC I still have my job and I got a promotion. Yes PSC helped me save my job and made me more money! When we were going through a tough time here at work (we still are to some extent) and the layoffs started, they held on to me solely because of my knowledge of photoshop. The only other designer was more illustrator based and had no clue about photoshop. So when the ax needed to fall, they took the other one out and left me all cold and alone.

When I first started here and PSC, I was only a color corrector and had limited skills with clone stamping for cleanup purposes. PSC was a different animal when I joined than what we see today. Different look, different feel, no prizes (cept for H2H's). Basically just friendly competition and really helpful advice. I consider myself lucky to have been here before the transition and had the opportunity to talk to JMH a few times. This place has taught me so much. I've met tons of wonderful people here that I consider really good friends (and you guys are always welcome to stay at Casa de Shaman). Yet I'm still learning new things all the time from this awesome community that is PSC. Thats the main reason I stick around... to learn and to help. Sure we're a bit dysfunctional at times, and go through tiffs, but all families are semi dysfunctional and have their share of problems! But we're family, and I wouldn't have it any other way! Even though I don't enter every day anymore, (mostly due to the fact that I'm now alone at work and don't have the free time like I used to) I'm still here every day checking out what you people are up to, and I love to help when I can. My way of giving back some of what this place has given me.
So Happy Birthday PSC! Thank you so much for all that I've learned from you. CHEERS!

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Location: Location, Location.

Post Wed Dec 03, 2008 12:57 pm   Reply with quote         


You've come a long way...from the first forum post.

Note that the instructions for posting back in the day were:
"No nudity or sexual references, you will be banned, this is a fun site for people of all ages, lets keep it in fairly good taste"
...and the very first forum post from DChance has a thought bubble that breaks the rule right off the bat.

I remember...
...all of the firsts we had, how we tested the limits of what we could do in chat (breaking it many times).
...people testing the boundaries of what constitutes a chop - for instance, someone took 1 pixel from the original and used it in their image.
...the many nights I spent working on chops for the HTH tourney (and actually winning).
...all the GREAT choppers and genuine people here. (like YOU!)
...the nice comments that were posted, the criticism, it all made me want to try harder. blancmange!
...the drama...errr...and rondo, kitty...yeah, that kinda stuff
...nancers BANDED drunk merlot.
...xovlov making me laugh so hard in chat that I spewed pop all over my keyboard.
..."click" club.
................r o s e b u d.



Post Wed Dec 03, 2008 2:17 pm   Reply with quote         

Seeing Jasper here just reminded me of how I came to this site.

Around 2003 I stumbled upon the Photoshop section on
I introduced it to my friend who loved the idea and said, "I bet there's a dedicated Photoshop contest site out there."
He typed "" on a whim, found this site and called me right away. His name is JoelFreeman and some of you might remember him.
I recall Joel being excited one day about receiving a vote from Jasper. Not knowing who that was, I looked up his portfolio and was immediately taken by his creativity and humour (great PS skills as well, but that's the easy part).
It opened my eyes to what was possible and inspired me to hang around. Some would say I hung around for the wrong reasons but I did enter a few contests as well.
It really was a better site a few years ago and I think it could return to its old glory with a few tweaks. Perhaps that would even bring back the Jaspers and the Beghins etc. But that's another thread.
Overall, I think the best thing to come out of this site is my amazing relationship with Janfet. In fact, I'm here to announce that as of next week I'll be packing my bags for a new life in Quebec.
I have just forwarded her my financial information and a copy of my life insurance policy. All I have left to do is pack.
For now, I bid you adieu.

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