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ledirlo   @ 5:42 am
Contact rajan
Sheis@iT   @ 4:29 pm (19 Apr 21)
Help me get back in my old account. Who do we contact? Eve, Vokaris. Im trying to remember, Who they said might own this site. The administrator.
crazyfingerz   @ 6:54 pm (15 Apr 21)
could someone help me a couple of photoshop pics ive tried to post says this no matter how small i make them The image must be no more than 800 pixels wide x 600 pixels high
and no less than 500 wide x 350 high and
in JPEG or GIF format and under 12
Sheis@iT   @ 2:22 pm (15 Apr 21)
Yeah I want them to give me access to my old profile. My She@iT profile
ledirlo   @ 8:21 am (15 Apr 21)
Good to hear, l didn't know you, l am an old user myself
Sheis@iT   @ 8:03 am (15 Apr 21)
Typing error, Sauda Magett Wesley
Sheis@iT   @ 8:02 am (15 Apr 21)
I’m Sauda Maher Wesley on Facebook, and Blackfox is Steve Kimball
Sheis@iT   @ 7:24 am (15 Apr 21)
Where’s Luxwiz? He use to win a lot.
Sheis@iT   @ 7:23 am (15 Apr 21)
When I made pictures with girls, or anyone else, Lol. He always gave a hot chick vote. Has Luxwiz been making any pics lately. He used to win a lot.
Sheis@iT   @ 7:20 am (15 Apr 21)
Of course I know Blackfox. We became fb friends from this site. His name is Steve. Yeah, since we’re friends on there, I can see his post. He’s looking better. He just did his front lawn. He has a nice house.
ledirlo   @ 7:01 am (15 Apr 21)
Rip nogoodsk8terpunk.
You know blackfox ? Is he okay ?
mikey   @ 10:32 pm (14 Apr 21)
Condolences for all the people who have lost loved ones.
Sheis@iT   @ 5:08 pm (14 Apr 21)
Blackfox was in the hospital a lot too. He's looking better now. I saw his profile.
Sheis@iT   @ 4:50 pm (14 Apr 21)
3 other elderly people from my church passed away. I wokeup in the middle of the night to check on my husband, and he had no heartbeat. Im mourning the loss of him, and getting counseling.
Sheis@iT   @ 4:47 pm (14 Apr 21)
R.i.P Matt, Along with My husband Steve of 31yrs. My husband slowly got dementia over a period of 4 years, then he was told he had liver Cancer...which eventually spread to his lungs. Then he had a headbleed stroke. He passed away Feb,22 0f this year.
Tesore   @ 4:31 pm (14 Apr 21)
Very sad news 😢
Tesore   @ 4:30 pm (14 Apr 21)
Very very sad news:
Matt and many of us have competed on for years, he was one of the friendliest people out there and you can check out his portfolio there. I am just in shock by this news, so so sorry to hear this. My sincere condolences to Matt's family and friends.

Sheis@iT   @ 4:29 pm (14 Apr 21)
I want to get into the contest. I too love photoshopping.
Sheis@iT   @ 4:27 pm (14 Apr 21)
Hi Everyone. This is She@iT. Can someone help me? I need to get into my old account. The email I had to open an account for this site, I no-longer have access to. I created other emails and stopped using my old one. Who can fix this problem.
ledirlo   @ 6:51 am (01 Apr 21)
Are some of you interested in teaming up for work as retouchers ? Pm me
ledirlo   @ 8:46 am (31 Mar 21)
Hello everyone
ledirlo   @ 8:29 am (26 Mar 21)
Yeah thoughts to him
dbbowling   @ 1:28 pm (24 Mar 21)
🙏 prayers to Nogoodsk8erpunk 🙏
Darth Vader   @ 1:26 pm (24 Mar 21)
Learn to spells ledirlo.- signed yours truly Fart Raider
ledirlo   @ 7:14 am (24 Mar 21)
Sorry gor the typo, damn android keyboard
ledirlo   @ 7:13 am (24 Mar 21)
How is eberyone doing ?dead board ?
woodie   @ 3:44 pm (23 Mar 21)
Papchap   @ 4:19 am (19 Mar 21)
Darth Vader said: Free Papchap!!!! Let him free!!!! afro :gordonkl:

Papchap   @ 4:18 am (19 Mar 21)
cafn8d said: Ah... gotta take out the "s" from the secure "https"
lol secure sites are not allowed
Darth Vader   @ 3:54 pm (15 Mar 21)
This space has intentionally been left blank.
varsitydesign   @ 4:04 pm (13 Mar 21)
is it not possible to edit comments?
ledirlo   @ 6:47 am (10 Mar 21)
Couple kickass entries in the prize contest
cafn8d   @ 6:40 pm (06 Mar 21)

Please share and spare a prayer!
cafn8d   @ 6:39 pm (06 Mar 21)
NOGOODSK8RPUNK gets my vote! Wishing Matt well!!
cafn8d   @ 6:36 pm (06 Mar 21)
Ah... gotta take out the "s" from the secure "https"
cafn8d   @ 6:35 pm (06 Mar 21)
cafn8d   @ 6:33 pm (06 Mar 21)
grr... We used to be able to post links. Hmm...
cafn8d   @ 6:30 pm (06 Mar 21)
Sigh... cafn8d said: NOGOODSK8RPUNK gets my vote! Wishing Matt well!
cafn8d   @ 6:29 pm (06 Mar 21)
NOGOODSK8RPUNK gets my vote! Wishing Matt well! 7Qmn7zgY2xTExtJYNYa5ow2JyZ9r4QhPRGpn4U5ZN4ySuCoSoH7xY4kFWkF8BdnkE0hIoTW9-I0StHOdLXEKTZX6hRA0WzEAQP7oIALalHTB3Grv3tyFjPLU20d1nw&__tn__=H-R&c [0] =AT0cXJGTNYeHQ7f6EooSZDFSf2ilxiQCMgbwJxSQCKnMsMIjU5TNrcdGHFB-LAsrwLWQD4S-yxBGMWtc4dCT5gT_x1z6IucFeyyIcEpaccjG7GB5 h7nYeEY-vek23DZbLVLX6OVo7V-qjQ2sgRA4CF1XfhqgLggEW2ap7-nXUrLeA598hwCtnaHus7doKwy4jEvYsNIJkia5LFYwxw
woodie   @ 4:25 pm (04 Mar 21)
L@rue! Glad you are still on the green side!
dbbowling   @ 2:10 pm (04 Mar 21)
Welcome back l@rue! cheers
ledirlo   @ 5:43 am (04 Mar 21)
Bon dieu l@rue how have you been doing ?
L@rue   @ 7:40 am (03 Mar 21)
The morning still always after the last night
ledirlo   @ 8:15 am (01 Mar 21)
How's it going, aside from the covid disaster ?
dbbowling   @ 6:24 pm (24 Feb 21)
Make sure to feed the choppers. Soup its what's for dinner
Darth Vader   @ 4:21 am (24 Feb 21)
Free Papchap!!!! Let him free!!!! afro :gordonkl:
genesis2   @ 2:13 pm (20 Feb 21)
Absolutely Very Happy
Jaurah04   @ 9:56 am (20 Feb 21)
ayt man guess ill just get good then
Jaurah04   @ 9:56 am (20 Feb 21)
genesis2   @ 9:39 am (20 Feb 21)
But another separate contest is not gonna happen. JMHO!

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