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ledirlo   @ 1:57 pm (29 May 23)
after 13 years I came back here a couple years ago, the p lace is almost dead, I have posted in the advantage con. though
marcoballistic   @ 11:04 am (29 May 23)
Hey Led, great to see you still holding this place up. I'm doing good overall, can't complain. Hope you are well my friend. 😊
ledirlo   @ 8:03 am (28 May 23)
pardon me how's it been going you...
ledirlo   @ 8:02 am (28 May 23)
f%cking A how's it going on Marco
marcoballistic   @ 10:03 pm (27 May 23)
Ground control to Major Tom.

Take your protein pills and put your helmet on... 🧑‍🚀
ledirlo   @ 10:04 pm (25 May 23)
woot welcome AI within photoshop, forum thread open
ledirlo   @ 1:13 pm (24 May 23)
genesis2   @ 8:44 pm (18 May 23)
I guess we'll talk again in another 18 years.
ledirlo   @ 12:33 pm (10 May 23)
welcome back
tomicrouz   @ 11:33 am (27 Apr 23)
im here from 2005
ledirlo   @ 9:37 am (23 Apr 23)
sorry it strips urls
I meant on my website / sample.html
ledirlo   @ 9:04 am (23 Apr 23)
MAD related : I chopped this large photo of mine using a face shot, and two other 8mp shots of my ears+one 8m shot of my open mouth as a try.

Just to say...when I came to show some images to a huge worldwide community of photoshop professionals , they wouldn't care about what I thought were my best pics but went crazy for that last one autoportrait going "awesome...a true seller...amazing PS job" and stuff.Meaning there's everything you do as a photoshopped, and there's the day you show your images and find out what's "good" or not according to the audience and customers.
ledirlo   @ 8:56 am (23 Apr 23)
genesis: awesome ! imo they did invent some thing huge in terms of production: parody , fakes, as illustration, it is like the whole spirit of photoshopping fun stuff, as of early PSC comes from MAD.

Myself I thought it would be the sh*t, to work for them as a photoshopped, that's to make amazing quality chops for them as fake ads and covers, caricatures etc, like it's what MAD had been waiting for and giving birth to so I contacted their FB group admin to show her my E.Neuman inspired modern female version here The other portraits down the page are also MAD inspired there

but only to find out MAD had died and now I have no idea where to offer that or what to work for. I have seen famous photoshop guys work for the Hollywood movie industry (posters) and produce awful quality like in the days we'd have bashed them if it had been on PSc.
That other guy who's the official photographer for Hollywood stars told me to try straight in LA telling me I have my chance though.
genesis2   @ 3:17 pm (22 Apr 23)
I collected mad Magazine since the early 60's had hundreds of them.
genesis2   @ 3:16 pm (22 Apr 23)
I used to hang out in the Mad magazine office back in the day, I always wanted to work there, got to meet a few of the artists, Mort Drucker, my favorite.
ledirlo   @ 8:12 am (22 Apr 23)
oh I also just found out MAD magazine had died ! they were what made me start photoshopping

only few people found out E.Neuman 's name was meant to depict a nazi kid, Inhumane...rofl

What me worry was the motto in yiddish of family and friends of the founders who had escaped nazi camps, and in yiddish it was the name they chose as their new identity in the USA
ledirlo   @ 8:09 am (22 Apr 23)
MsgtBob said: It's from "Keeping up with the Joneses". It's when one is jealous of one's neighbor, and wants what he has. If the neighbor has a Mercedes, he might go out and buy a Mercedes himself (even if he can't afford it).

hahahaha I found too many meanings

like acting bold...he's acting jonesy...

anyway there's to watch the whole Reno 911 series over a a few days and to be fascinated with the gay sheriff's acting performance, I'm there
MsgtBob   @ 4:08 pm (21 Apr 23)
It's from "Keeping up with the Joneses". It's when one is jealous of one's neighbor, and wants what he has. If the neighbor has a Mercedes, he might go out and buy a Mercedes himself (even if he can't afford it).
ledirlo   @ 8:37 am (21 Apr 23)
now I have a problem it's with the word "Jones" I came across it watching Reno 911 they're like "he's all Jonesy and stuff" and it can mean like anything...jonesy lol
ledirlo   @ 7:56 pm (03 Apr 23)
I read my last post...thanks to mj and english has gone to pieces, my apologies
ledirlo   @ 8:04 pm (02 Apr 23)
I quit using the illegal one like 20 years ago because of the law...hard moreover it depends on the strains they have
it is said scientifically to be an actual relief for people who have glaucoma and who can see thanks to mj

yeah quite good show Very Happy Shooter is another quite good one

how governments have discretely become more dictatorial thank to netflix , Prime etc is amazing, I heard so and believe it's true

congrats for the win, I'm off for now
genesis2   @ 4:16 pm (02 Apr 23)
Marijuana is legal in Pennsylvania, my wife uses it for sleeping, I don't use it at all.
We watched the whole season of the Night Agent, very good show, looking forward to the 2nd season.
ledirlo   @ 7:39 pm (31 Mar 23)
after you've gotten good enough quality in terms of definition, color/contrast and luminosity to your own eyes, you need to create your own color and gamma profile because as soon as it's not for a commercial use you can make it suit your own eyes...

okay I dunno what part of the NA you live in but it's time to sleep here, euro / Paris time zone and by to sleep I mean to watch Night Agent for at least 1 minute before I wake up in the middle of the night with no clue

it's like 9:30 here

ps: and I hope Marijuana is legal where you live if you suffer glaucoma. Good luck sincerely Genesis2

ps2: Fmr POTUS Trump was talking "they're chasing witches" about the judiciary war that had started against him some time ago in the news.

I live about 150 feet away from the oldest cathedral ever built, and they used to torture and to burn the women they accused of sorcery/witchcraft right on the plaza where I walk my dogs in front of the church.Didn't have time to photoshop him as a transvestite witch asking commuters a light on a Mannathan sidewalk at night.

30 counts against a US President from within the USA as a public procedure is a first and I wish everyone this page of history will be peaceful and good to everyone over there.
ledirlo   @ 7:20 pm (31 Mar 23)
yeah but it seems even for such a price they are not pro displays, only 98% of P3 profile, and I guess the luminosity is below 500nits

the color and especially luminosity quality matters as much as the size in many cases, I mean for people who have bad eyesight
genesis2   @ 6:02 pm (31 Mar 23)
This would be nice, but look at the price.
ledirlo   @ 2:58 pm (31 Mar 23)
my bad I meant I'm sorry not in a crazy "at you" wy but because I have gone through 20 years of bs with computers that couldn't let you use them in a professional way

like I'm sorry to learn about such problems, it makes your many psc good entries a true exploit, I have huge problems on my own already with bad eyesight and...anisometripia...amblyopia...
genesis2   @ 1:47 pm (31 Mar 23)
Fine for you young man, but as I said, ....tired old eyes, you know, cataracts glaucoma, etc.
ledirlo   @ 6:55 pm (30 Mar 23)
32" is crazy huge I guess...for nudes I guess it's weird like woooh how !

that laptop gave me the feeling of owning the computer instead of being owned by it
but the price of the 16" ones is way above anything decent

I'm sorry I have spent 20 years trying to chop big photos professionally on iMacs and just with the 2020 M1 batch, I was able to buy a computer that works at all so I'm enthusiastic about it
ledirlo   @ 6:51 pm (30 Mar 23)
okay okay okay OKAY then Wink
genesis2   @ 4:31 pm (30 Mar 23)
ledirlo says "well have you tried a 13" or 16" screen ?"
Yes I have a 15" Dell laptop, but hardly use it, still prefer my 32" screen.
ledirlo   @ 4:12 pm (30 Mar 23)
sorry I typed too much
ledirlo   @ 3:20 pm (30 Mar 23)
large screens are good for watching movies and nudes :p
ledirlo   @ 3:20 pm (30 Mar 23)
yeah I can :p I felt like...after those years when I'd be in school, work with notebooks, books, I have gotten robbed working on iMacs, which are the worst pieces of design one could think of...untill I got so much in pain I recently started to be given opioid painkillers 24 hours a day .Tramadol and all ...and I when I got that MacBook I felt like I was back in those years, because it is something you can handle easily on a desktop, it is perfect for everything from eyes, neck, shoulders, back, hips...and as I'm typing on an iMac I'm actually missing that toy

PLUS: it's like when you scale down a photo, it looks much more perfect , so when you use such a small screen, it looks like it were a super screen because it's scaled down. Sharp, perfect, your eyes thank you
ledirlo   @ 3:15 pm (30 Mar 23)
I can't describe the feeling.
ledirlo   @ 3:13 pm (30 Mar 23)
genesis2 said: Hmmmmm, do they make 55" monitors?

and I have -7 on a -20/+20 scale in terms of eyesight, quite bad, plus amblyopia which is another visual I'm in your case and you'd surprised
ledirlo   @ 3:11 pm (30 Mar 23)
I mean one can get an awesome photoshop machine for 1000$ nowadays, buying the 2020 13" M1 MacBook Pro...with more ram and gpu as an option
ledirlo   @ 3:09 pm (30 Mar 23)
genesis2 said: With old tired eyes, I wouldn't settle for anything less that a 32" screen + another 22" screen to keep my photoshop tools on the side.

well have you tried a 13" or 16" screen ?

it's something you can't think of as just better till you have tried it and it is

mostly because the eye movements are narrower, like the movements of your head, on a tiny screen. And that one makes it better because I'm younger than you seemingly -47- but I have neuropathic chronic pain so I feel the difference.

the problem is the scaling, within photoshop, because it changes everything, from th image scale to the space you have for palettes and all...

I couldn't have believed that smaller is better before that
genesis2   @ 1:34 pm (30 Mar 23)
Hmmmmm, do they make 55" monitors?
genesis2   @ 1:33 pm (30 Mar 23)
With old tired eyes, I wouldn't settle for anything less that a 32" screen + another 22" screen to keep my photoshop tools on the side.
ledirlo   @ 1:17 pm (30 Mar 23)
that said I have tried photoshop on a 13" MacBook Pro M1 laptop once. I had ordered it and returned it to get a desktop iMac M1 instead.

Well photoshop on a super fast 13" laptop is insanely good, small , and sharp. I had never had such an awesome device in my hands and such a fast photoshop experience.

Like, you click the PS icon to open photoshop, 2 seconds after that it's open and ready. Aside from that it is awesome to be on such a small screen as your eyes can totally deal with it with no stress. If I can I'll get another one like that and enjoy working on's like working with a book, no eye/neck stress/pain, total ease, the screen is like a sheet of paper, no visible pixel...ultra weird and fun, plus an amazing photoshop machine for 1300€ back then.

the iMac is as good but a larger screen means much more eyes/neck stress and pain...

just sayin'
ledirlo   @ 12:09 am (30 Mar 23)
I think it's made up stuff weird customers tell us but that's not already hire cheap indians and all...The indian photoshoppers I know charge 150$ per hour...
but you're right , most wanna try by themselves using automatic android apps in order to cash the money in and blame the retoucher they pretended they have hired :p
bu that's not in the serious world, where people wanna hire a retoucher that works on a small laptop on the site where the photos are shot, for less money. It is true about fashion photographers who want face retouching as they shoot, on laptops.

on another note the images you've seen on my website were made very quickly for the website as my whole book got lost with a hard drive some time ago and I've been doing other things since then, as you saw, no good, quality montage there, gotta make some
genesis2   @ 8:30 pm (29 Mar 23)
There are people with any version of photoshop or Gimp or any other editing software that think they can edit and retouch photos, and are willing to do it for .50 cents an hour. It's sad.
ledirlo   @ 7:37 pm (29 Mar 23)
genesis2 said: I get most of my work on Upwork ( ), I'm retired so I don't do too much and choose what I want to do. So far I've designed 3 movie posters, nothing spectacular. is one, not crazy about it but you gotta do what the client wants.
Still waiting for the movie to come out.

nothing spectacular : I disagree with you, it was a very simple order until you realise you need to produce something new perfect anyway, and that's a step into the movie poster business which is awesome.

let me be clearer : my love for photoshop comes from Hollywood movie posters and US ads. Still nowadays, you wanna see chops, you go to a movie website with tons of poster thumbnails. like solar movies dot something

Although I learnt by chopping on this site 23 years ago, - it was different as there was no advantage and you had to produce an awesome chop with an awesome idea and execution within the shortest time in order to get the most votes - until I learnt from the late pic user jerry717, Jerry P'simer, who was the official expert hired by the Ford brand for everything retouching-ads -press.

It was too marvellous for words for me to meet such a guy...and he started giving me his tricks and to teach what is a good photo, regardless of what people thing and of what the industry like or shows.

and that's priceless.He also told me that with my own level my hourly price would be 100-150$, and to never negotiate. That was 20 years ago, with the inflation I should charge about 300$ per hour at least, customers pretend they can find people for 20$ per hour or less AGAINST any logic...the inflation and all.

just saying :p
MsgtBob   @ 6:44 pm (29 Mar 23)
Yeah, well I haven't been on it since they quit doing contests (which they did trying to keep Worth members around).
genesis2   @ 4:17 pm (29 Mar 23)
I am registered with them, but don't like the site at all.
MsgtBob   @ 3:29 pm (29 Mar 23)
If you want to make money, maybe the company that bought out Worth1000:
genesis2   @ 2:15 pm (29 Mar 23)
They didn't pay much, but .....
genesis2   @ 2:12 pm (29 Mar 23)
here's another without titles.
genesis2   @ 2:09 pm (29 Mar 23)
genesis2   @ 2:08 pm (29 Mar 23)
I get most of my work on Upwork ( ), I'm retired so I don't do too much and choose what I want to do. So far I've designed 3 movie posters, nothing spectacular. is one, not crazy about it but you gotta do what the client wants.
Still waiting for the movie to come out.

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