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Location: West Virginia, USA

Post Wed Nov 30, 2005 5:12 pm   Reply with quote         

For me it depends on the picture.

Some of them I have an idea as soon as I see the source photo.

Others I sit around and think about what I would do with it.

Sometimes, when I am REALLY stuck, I will actually take it into photoshop and just play with it until something comes to mind.

And stil other times....... I ak the wife.


Location: Finland

Post Wed Nov 30, 2005 5:13 pm   Reply with quote         

Tofu wrote:
(1.2GHz & 528MB RAM)

You have a superb computer. My ancient Compaq: about 500Mhz and 256MB RAM.
CS2 shouldn't even be working in this piece of crap Yuck


Location: Finland

Post Wed Nov 30, 2005 5:40 pm   Reply with quote         

Oh! Sorry DigiTutankhamen Very Happy The question.
3 hours - eternity. But if I do the chop at work 1- 3 hours.
I usually have some ideas immediately but sometimes there's a deadlock Hmmm
And I give up. Such a looser I am Confused

Post Thu Dec 01, 2005 8:50 pm   Reply with quote         

I'm usually downloading as soon as possible the image on advantage, because I can find a good idea in 5 seconds but it can takes the whole week! I usually think about a concept when I'm working... my work is mostly technical, so I can think & focus on it at the same time. I found my idea for the "three mugs" entry on my bike going to pick up a chicken at the best portuguese "rôtisserie" in town. I knew it was a good idea instantly! But most of the time, I'm not really sure if my ideas are good or not!
After finding the concept, the less time I put on a pic is around 5 minutes, and the most can be around 6 hours. But I think my average is around 2 hours. Spending a lot of time on a pic didn't mean a better work and having more votes, but it helps to increase your skills!

I'm using Wacom graphic tablet too. It's helping to be faster and bringing flexibility. Hey! TheShaman! You pay 100$? Mine was 600$ CAN (around 500$ US)!!! We dont have the same model but what a big difference about the price!! I bought it something like 3 years ago.



Location: California & Idaho

Post Fri Dec 02, 2005 9:23 pm   Reply with quote         

Have a Wacom At studio ...they are the bomb ...awesome tool......personally I usually check out advantage night before and if something immedietaly hits as far as an idea is concerned off and running for anywhere from 15 mins to umpteen hours......ironic the ones that take sooo much time traditionally arent the best (sounds allt like my ex gf) but I digress...if nothin hits I step out onto balcomy gaze at the surf of the pacific have my am oj and gaze at the beauties skating by behind the printed copy of the source pic taped to balcony makes for a more conducive ...productine environment.....9-times outta 10 Im still posting at 5mins to 5:00 am calif time ....even w advantage ......whats up w that ?????

I do know of one nut in here whom spent (i beloieve) something like 23 hours on one pic....ask Marcobalistic ..he would know more than I ....LOL

Cheers Mate!!!!


PS wasn't speed chopping suggested awhile back ....where ya get like 30 mins start to finish w a chop???that would be cool !!!!!



Location: rotterdam

Post Sat Dec 03, 2005 11:49 am   Reply with quote         

After school, I always take time to open The new contest usually start 2 oclock here. Mostly I start working my entry immediately after voting the good entries so far. I try to avoid the similar entry. It could take 10 minutes to 4 hours. Took more hours if i had no idea. I sometimes make two entries in one day.. I think I'm addicted.. No study, no more part-time work, no cleaning.. Godverdomme..


Location: New Jersey

Post Sun Dec 04, 2005 12:39 am   Reply with quote         

Sometimes i get an idea as soon as i see the image. If i don't have anything right away the i will get a cup of coffee or go to my pastel color isolation room (my bathroom) where i do some serious thinking. Or try to create something based on a shape in the image.Time is determined most of the time by the images i have to work with and how much i like the idea.


Location: Nederland

Post Tue Dec 06, 2005 7:35 pm   Reply with quote         

I recognoze a lot in Ayok's words from the start till the godverdomme.
Though there are some differences: I work infrequent, sometimes in shifts, sometimes not and sometimes a lot. And I have other addictions as well and they consume a lot of time too . There are periods I don't show up at psc for months, but once I'm back, well I 'm back! Then psc is soaking me up. I don't have wacom and I feel thats a pitty, (though maybe someday...) I sometimes dont have any clue about what to do with a pic, sometimes I have a lot of ideas and then I have hard time to choose.

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