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Did you ever think you could make a difference in the world?




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nobody knows who I am, so who cares what I think



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Post Thu Aug 11, 2011 5:37 am   Reply with quote         

A remnance of a previous life.
I used to write Sunday Sermons on the O-net, another philanthropical web gathering, where people were thought to share goodwill and ideas to better the world. Like everywhere, things started to get about pecking orders and who is better then others all too soon.

And at the time I was using the WWW to get access to all the wonders of the world and universe, but instead was forced to observe the harsh reality of what life is all about every day for so many people.

Some days I thought that nobody cared - I wonder if I was a bit too hard then.

This is one from 2006

It Is Simply So. – A Sunday Sermon.

You are reading this, you exist. Your parents existed at some point in time, as their parents did. Hold on to this thought: ergo – you have existed, as long as the Universe has existed. And you will exist, as long as the Universe will exist. Why? Because you are here, now. You were not accidentally dropped down here, somewhere between the beginning and now. Therefore you are part of this Universe from the beginning of time.
The world we live on, our planet Earth, is the Centre of our Universe. We are what the rest of the Universe is going round and round, until the end of time. It does not matter whether there is more of the Universe on one particular end of our planet, then on the other end, we are still in the centre of it, and it is all around us. Why? Because it is the way we look at the Universe. We can only look at it from our point of view, so we are the centre of what we see. If we could go out in space, we would expand our point of view into space. We would have a larger point of view, but we would still be in the centre of it, the rest of the Universe will still go around us.
Is this important?
To us it is important.
Not to the Planet Earth.
Not to the Oceans on Planet Earth.
Not to the Rocks on Planet Earth.
Not to the Billions of creatures on Planet Earth.
Only one creature thinks it is important.
We Humans think it is important.
It is how we see things.
Perception is as a pair of goggles, to view the Universe, measured in chunks like Time and Speed.
Because that is the way our mind has learned to see things.
And we expect everything else to see things just like that.
But that is wrong.
Rocks do not see things like we do, measured in chunks like Time and Speed.
Speed, if it would at all matter to a Rock, would mean how fast it is propelled away from the blast of a Volcano. And Time, if that would matter at all, would be how long it would take the Rock to form from the fiery hot molten beginnings, inside the Earth to its current existents.
Our observation of that Rock does not make it complete. We are not telling the Rock: “OK, this is your true form. We have seen you in this form, so now you are complete. Stop changing!”
The need for things around us to stay, just the way we have perceived them for as long as we live, is Childish. It means we are like a Child. Afraid that things will be so different one day, that we will not recognise them anymore.
I blame it on the Freeze Frame of photography.
Man’s downfall began, the first time he began to take a picture of what was around him.
Even, if we are to believe the experts on Cave paintings, our Ancestors in the Stone Age, or before that time, in those far away times Men has tried to stop Time. Stop changes. By saying: “Look, we have captured this creature on this wall, now it is ours to do with what we will.” And when we killed all the creatures like the painted one, we cried. Wishing it would come back. But it didn’t, because we can not will creatures to come back, just because we have created a memory in a Freeze Frame of them.
Since the first Freeze Frame was created, all those centuries ago, we people of this Planet Earth, have eluded ourselves with the idea that we are creators.
OK, we can create a Freeze Frame. We can even create one of a creature that only exists in our mind.
But sometimes that does not work.
The child we are can’t accept this failure. And we begin to blame everything around us for this failure. But, we know it is silly to blame the Rock at the bottom of the Mountain for our failure. We also know it is silly to blame the raindrops that fall from the sky for our failure. We know that trees and animals are not to blame for our failure. So we need something entirely new.
Something to blame for all the mistakes we made in the past, and will make in the future.
So we created God.
And we gave it a space far beyond our Universe.
Because we are naughty children, constantly making mistakes and hopelessly on the run from our self created God parent, who surely will punish us, when (s)he finds out what we did.
We are Human, living on Planet Earth. We have created the Freeze Frame of God, to help us understand the mistakes we made and we are secretly afraid that this God will one day become real and punish us for what we did wrong.
We have however forgotten one small thing.
We Humans are as old as the Universe. We have been here from the beginning of time. The Freeze Frame has only existed since we began to kill the creatures around us in such abundance that we made them totally disappear so we needed a picture of them to warn us that we are total destroyers. We created the Freeze Frame, so we would not forget this mistake.
God is in many of our Freeze Frames. There has never been a creature that came back from extinction, just because we created a Freeze Frame of it. So why do we think God will come to us?
It is our job to understand what we have done wrong, all the time we made an impact on this Planet. We have the Freeze Frames to prove that we are successful in killing everything around us, regardless of the need for it. We started destroying our Planet. Now we are expanding our view to the Universe. We are trying to find the boundaries of our Universe. But for what purpose? Is it because we are trying to find God in their space, to be hunted down before (s)he can come to us, to punish us for what we did? Or are we expanding our grip on the Universe, because we know we are running out of space on our Planet, because we know that we need new Game to hunt, new creatures to kill, to fulfil our need for bloodshed.
Let me make it simple for you.
We humans live on our Planet Earth for one reason only. We were created with it, at the same time it was created. We are part of it and will remain part of it, for as long as the Planet Earth exists. We need this Planet for our survival. Because we can only exist within its Cocoon, that we call Atmosphere. This Atmosphere is our skin in Space. It prevents us from falling apart like dust. No matter how far we can see with our Hubble Telescope, we will never find a place like our Planet. This is all we have got.
It is time for us to throw down our toys, to stop fighting each other over the differences in our Freeze Frames and our God images. It is time to start living, as true beings on this Planet, with all other creatures around us, not against any of them.
Stop taking pictures of what once was. Start taking note of what we are about to loose forever!
Have a good life.

Annajon (I went by the name AJVandeAak then)



Post Thu Aug 11, 2011 6:22 am   Reply with quote         


Easter Sunday, some time, in the Future, 09.45 hours.

“Thank you all for visiting this gathering today. I am proud to show you around in this magnificent creation of Men Ingenuity. Please, take a seat and take some refreshments, and enjoy the view. Here, at 800 meters into the dept of our Planets Ocean, we experience the discovery that sparked the idea for our Deep Space Project. Today we can show you the final results of the project you have all invested your funds in.

For two hundred years now, our ancestors have craved the chance to go out there in Space, to explore the frontiers of our Universe. When the Hubble Telescope began to unravel the mists of the deep dark out there, nothing could hold us back anymore. We simply had to find a way to go that distance. And as we know, it is a great distance to go. Measured in Human Life, we will need countless generations to journey to the planets that have been discovered in recent years. And now we have finally reached our goal. Today we are beginning on that Final Journey of Discovery. In the words of that familiar character from the old Television Era, Captain Kirk, we say: “Space, the Final Frontier, where we go boldly, where no Man has gone before!”

Mankind has used its skills to explore and conquer new land as long as it exists. From the time we were simple cave dwellers, hunter gatherers, in pursuit of pray, we evolved into what we are today, true Masters of the Universe, Masters of High Technology, able to live in any environment life throws at us.

The Beach you see outside our view screens is not one we could visit. Life out there solely exists, because it knows how to survive on Methane. All the creatures you see out there are adapted to life in a high pressured ice cold Water World that is driven by the power of Methane. And this was a discovery made on our Planet Earth in the Twentieth Century by Deep Ocean Exploration. Other explorations made as early as 1976, gave us insight in life in very hot environments, with temperatures at great dept in the Ocean of up to 400 degrees Centigrade that lived on Sulphur. And with these discoveries came the all inspiring truth, Life is not what we think it is!

Human beings are limited by their body. That is why we didn’t know about living in Deep Oceans. We needed to find an answer. Well, here we are! We have the answer and we are ready to use our new found freedom to proceed in our quest to conquer the Universe.
As you all know, recent findings of the New Solar Orbital Periscope have made it clear there is Life elsewhere in Space. And we have prepared ourselves to meet these new found neighbours. Since the beginning of Genetic Technology there has not been a greater cause to fit Mankind to the challenge ahead. Today we now we have made it happen.
Let me introduce you to the men that will lead our way into the Future of Space Travel.
As you have seen from our own Ocean floors, there is life in many a variety of form, driven by an even greater variety of engine fuel. And through Genetic Technology we have managed to create Human Beings, to suite these environments, so we can visit them and meet the creatures that live there face to face.
Our Ambassadors are true Astronauts. They live in their individual compartments, suited to the environment they need, in a Space Station that orbits the Sun, as a tiny new Planet, just as our earth does. Not because we want it to be a new Planet, but to help it gain momentum. Speed is of the essence, for this Space Station, to venture out into Deep Space, to take on this new quest for Mankind.”

Easter Sunday, some time, in the Future, 15.22 hours

“Ladies, welcome. You have been asked to join us here today on this final stage of the recruiting program for the Deep Space Exploration Station, that orbits the Sun. You have all been tested and are known to qualify for the job that lays ahead. You have all been found to be perfect Human Bodies. In a few days from now, you will meet up with the fathers of your future children and as you travel through the infinite dept of Space, you and your daughters, and your daughter’s daughters will go out there and Spread the Word of Our Lord! To each planet you find you will send a son of the Ambassador that meets the environmental requirements of that planet. Your task is to groom these Ambassador’s sons for this task. It will not be an easy one. Perhaps you will meet with unwilling residents. Know then, that throughout history Mankind has managed to persevere in this our only task, to spread the Word of The Lord to all corners of the Universe! Go now, go in peace and know that we are with you in our prayers each day for the rest of Eternity!”



Location: Belgium

Post Thu Aug 11, 2011 4:08 pm   Reply with quote         

nice annajon


Location: On Deck, South by Southeast

Post Mon Aug 13, 2012 5:46 am   Reply with quote         

Only those who think they can make a difference, can!

I'm highly motivated to be un-ambitious today.

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