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Photoshop Contest Entry #68677
Patterned overlay

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nyxxie nyxxie
love it. beautiful.
Meeshoo Klan Meeshoo Klan
Wett Wett
here's the dollar :D
woodie woodie
Toe Vote
ronni3264 ronni3264
Wow, Square!!! Risque!!!
nancers nancers
Texture vote ; )
Heather! Heather!
Stealing my schtick vote ;)
supak0ma supak0ma
Patre Patre
Great texture work..
deshone deshone
confuz7 confuz7
Amateurtje Amateurtje
My first vote ! beautiful woman AND sweater :P
billtvshow billtvshow
gismo gismo
so beautiful!!
theduplicate theduplicate
Doodler! Doodler!
L-dawg L-dawg
creative use of source, and she is damn sexy!
ramba ramba
very good
leif leif
I've got 500$... and it's all hers.
tyblubearboy tyblubearboy
I like it :)
claudiolky claudiolky
batichan batichan
and great work square!! great source pic, can I see more??
velocity velocity
The reason it is getting lots of votes is because it is well done. I like the integration with the texture, lighting and shadows. If it was just an eye candy post it would not have as many.
allygirl520 allygirl520
absolutely outstanding.
doruletz doruletz
mint mint
Nice work! : )
theplague theplague
I prefer your breast, nonetheless I vote for this !
anmazondi anmazondi
No bad.But itīs a nice work !elite Photoshop!
DLowrie DLowrie
jtedeski jtedeski
pixelpuddles pixelpuddles
I like this..I don't give a crap how long it took..some amazing results can be done very quickly. The subtle colors make this very believable.
girltrouble girltrouble
screwloose screwloose
I like it! And not just because of the hot hick, okay maybe that's why but it's still nice!
Serps Serps
Zingaro Zingaro
miss,i'm impressed ;)
metalic metalic
HandToolUK HandToolUK
"Up yours, lostcode" vote. :)
rashdog rashdog
lostcode has lost more than code vote...
jazgraphic jazgraphic
great!...I ment GREAT!
thbeghin thbeghin
Hal23 Hal23
anfa anfa
Nuttdriver Nuttdriver
zetspat zetspat
I'm not voting for the chick in the pic, but the chick who created it... Great work Square!
blue_lurker blue_lurker
Nice work square, like how you keept the texture, and the pastle change is very nice.
jaysen jaysen
bowhntngbabe bowhntngbabe
volkswes volkswes
Bluesbro Bluesbro
Tastefully sexy, nice pic
splodge splodge
Ethaniel Ethaniel
irishstu irishstu
Excellently done :)
siem siem
gravyboat gravyboat


supak0ma supak0ma
square please provide mr lostcode with the source and let's see what he comes up with
deshone deshone
ignore him ... he has a vpp of 0.38 :)
deshone deshone
just like the old days hehe
Alex Alex
I think you don't know who you're talkin' to dude... I insist. deshone could probably do a bit more than your child using ps.
supak0ma supak0ma
damn, get to work lostcode, you have no clue
supak0ma supak0ma
you know, why should i tell you how to achieve this...i challenged you to do it the same or better, as it sounded you could do it, all you could do was talk.
supak0ma supak0ma
sorry square i didn't mean to raise this ;(
supak0ma supak0ma
have it your way...
Cynn Cynn
Square is a woman, you stupid sack of shit. Now go find a nice flame forum and stop bothering the nice people at PSC.
leif leif
ok... the same guy that did this: is bitching about SQ post... hilarious
confuz7 confuz7
supak0ma supak0ma
well, you might be right on that one ;)
Meeshoo Klan Meeshoo Klan
again more & more comments?:D wow! I hope this stops here!:D
batichan batichan
nice one leif
1337hax0r 1337hax0r
nice square
splodge splodge
nice camel toe
ronni3264 ronni3264
Is this "Lostcode" REALLY this much of a moron?!? I mean, I`ve heard stories of people like this, but I don`t think I`ve actually ever SEEN one!!!
Showcase Showcase
Square, I like the thing might be the edge of the shawl on the right side of the looks to sharp and jagged...maybe soften it up a bit. other than that, nice job.
anmazondi anmazondi
I canīt see the source '
anmazondi anmazondi
I canīt see the source '
anmazondi anmazondi
china girl..china girl....spanish girl.....american girl.....tom petty...
Square Square're more than welcome to try this yourself, if you think it's such an obvious and simple idea. You're also welcome to eat shit and die, but being the LADY that I am, I wouldn't be the one to suggest that. In the future, if you truly
chromatic4 chromatic4
i like it damn it!
badcop badcop
I'm sorry but this is the comments section not an ass kissing forum. Take the bad with the good like a sport. Telling the guy he's a "sack of shit", and to "eat shit and die" because he made an honest observation is, for lack of a better word, gross. A
Cynn Cynn
An honest observation? Badcop, get your head out of your ass. And if a few well-placed swear words persuade nancy-boys like you and lostcode to shut the fuck up, then I'm there.
badcop badcop
Cynn, I scanned your comment 4 times for substance but came up empty. Your first 3 words had a glimmer of promise so I'll respond to those: I never said his observation was "accurate". I said it was honest. He should be allowed that. What he [i]didn
Cynn Cynn
Nobody is standing up for the guy because he spammed the comments in this day's posts with baseless, mean flames. I get that you think you're some kind of champion of the underdog, but next time you should choose your battles more wisely.
badcop badcop
"Baseless meaningless flames"? I took a look at what he wrote for a number of posts surrounding this one: For beghin he wrote: "great", For Doodler: "very good", For Meeshoo: "really good", For Splodge: "Good chop", For Mint: "Great chop mint", For Jazg
badcop badcop
"mean flames", rather
Cynn Cynn
So when somebody posts a series of mean comments, you just ignore them? This is what I mean by having your head up your ass. Now. Go back and look at the cruel things he said. I'm done discussing this--you're clearly some kind of idiot. Sorry to do this i
badcop badcop
My bad. I notice he thought your post was made by a 6 year old. O.K. lostcode, commence the eating of feces and dying! Seriously Cynn, your anger is so vile and sincere that I feel like taking a shower after reading some of your replies. Seacrest out
theplague theplague
I'll make a necklace with your balls to the next one who says something nasty about Square...
Square Square
ya know what, none of this is worth any value. I really don't mind that some people like this, and some don't think this is a good chop. I like what I've achieved, and to me that's all that matters. I'm all for people having their own opinions and expr
Fugue Fugue
I love this long time, Square ;-)
Make_Believe Make_Believe
Cynn this is not your post why are you defending this post like its yours? be a lady and stop talking so trashy..... ;(

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 [untitled entry]
by Square
Created February 13, 2005
55 votes   48 comments
382w x 600h (74KB)

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