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Day Care...
Day Care...
Don't worry, its only red paint, silly redecorator.... tut :)

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couldb5150 couldb5150
dude how's the meds going huh????...please pass the lithium !!!! cool post ..but ya need help buddy !! j/k lol
GrampZ GrampZ
Perfectly normal. This guy just realized that all these cute toddlers will someday become teenagers and took preemptive action!!!
claudiolky claudiolky
Your work is perfect but... (at the comments)
10M 10M
jason vote
Freebirth Freebirth
King of photoshop blood, Marco!
mikey mikey
It may not be pretty" but it's great photoshop blood realism! ~
ken_adams ken_adams
although it is a daycare, i must give a vote for the jason and the blood.
Eve Eve
Nice chop. It's about time -- it's just an image in a contest. :)
Micose Micose
sweet and tasty...excellent lightening.
Queen La Tiff Queen La Tiff
I saw the chainsaw in the source, I thought, 'I wonder what marco's take will be?' Now I know. Kind of a departure for you, eh? My opinion on the politics:this is DELIBERATELY over the top and not to be taken seriously. Come on, now.
bsoholic bsoholic
red paint vote! ;)
Stevster Stevster
Sure wish we could all loose the drama, IT"S FRIDAY PEOPLE!!!!!!!
SpellGoat SpellGoat
ehm.. it's only friday the 12th.. btw think the shadow from the man is a bit yellowish.. and the shadow of the post in front of him is more blueish..
Feral Hamster Feral Hamster
to be honest, i was expecting a Texas Chainsaw Massacre entry today, but this one will do. Crazy image!
ReyRey ReyRey
Good chop. Just one thing. (I know you think I'm bustin your balls) Why does the blood stop right at the ceiling? Did he mask off the area before killing all the kids?
bigbuck bigbuck
roy Green roy Green
Oh no!
TheShaman TheShaman
draugaer draugaer
I didn't expect anything less than this from you marco lol. Call me sick and twisted, but I actually find this pretty funny...
CarlC CarlC
bickering comments vote (again)
Freakboy Freakboy
Will_E_Makit Will_E_Makit
my hero!
karell karell
no comment but JOB!!!!! my friend
Designed2522 Designed2522
Geez, The only person getting sladdered here is MB... I can't beleive some of the comments left. WHATEVER, Marco keep doing your thang bro!!! got my vote!!! I've dont some pretty sick & twisted entries myself... It helps me to be a normal person! :D
Denypas Denypas
Heinlein Heinlein
Very good Marco
jad3 jad3
It looks real marco....but the important thing people need to remember is...its NOT actually real!
*=J=* *=J=*
jeepers jeepers
eClearly eClearly
Definately a great job
Wett Wett
your posts are turning into the best reads on the site :D
Eepi Eepi
IvanPanov IvanPanov
delucx delucx
milu milu
yesssssssssss.... Jason my favourite:-)
L@rue L@rue
Claf Claf


ShredAndDestroy ShredAndDestroy
marcoballistic marcoballistic
Sigh ;oD
marcoballistic marcoballistic
claudiolky claudiolky
Please clean the blood...why not cream and roses?
Alex Alex
marcoballistic marcoballistic
I have no PM K?
marcoballistic marcoballistic
I purposely didn't include any dead bodies, leave it up to the imagination, and I'm not that twistd lol
I bet it was just a food fight and the cook came out to break it up!
claudiolky claudiolky
I agree with Kansas. Marco, you are one of the best Photoshop worker at PSC. Than, bring us works with peace and love...not war and blood.
Michel Michel
quite gruesome
Feral Hamster Feral Hamster
i dunno...twisted, yes, but we've previously had children about to be electrocuted in a bathtub, squashed by bigfoot, and i'm sure *many* more. don't vote if it upsets you, but censoring an image that's merely suggestive of something unple
GrampZ GrampZ
Kansas... maybe too much coffee? I don't see it as being that bad. Leave it be. Censorship is a slippery slope to start on...
Alex Alex
it isn't the first time Kansas over-reacts about a chop. Every once in a while, she refuse to be part of this site for some reasons... She did the same about my anal lube post. You got to give her credits, she constant.
Alex Alex
This image shouldn’t be deleted. But it should be ignored by voters for the simple fact that marco has done this over 20 times… The day he won’t get a single vote for that crappy repetitive blood concept, that’ll be the end of it.
aka yuki aka yuki
marcoballistic marcoballistic
ok have not got time to totally defend this right now, but Alex you have no idea the amount of work that went into this.... back later
Eve Eve
LOL @ GrampZ!!!
Alex Alex
It's not a matter of work. It's a matter of idea. Let's say you're addicted to "wheater change chops" for example, even if you paint every single rain drops, I wouldn't vote for it if you've done the same exact thing 25 times befor
Micose Micose
look at the work here plz....just
volkswes volkswes
sure marco has done blood before......but how many of his last 150 entries have had blood?......about 4 maybe 5 of the last 150....That is only around 2% I think.......Maybe it is overdone, or maybe the gore or impact of them just makes it seem like so...
volkswes volkswes
many more. I'm not defending marco though ...he can do that himself. People could say the same thing about other peoples styles as well...for example micose's it overdone? people don't think so. It's all preference. :)
bsoholic bsoholic
I dig this chop, but who am I to talk, I decapatated our poor lumberjack. Haha!
supak0ma supak0ma
i knew it
supak0ma supak0ma
btw, i'm pretty sure that's crayon on the walls ;)
SpellGoat SpellGoat
Oh shoot.. I gave the 13th vote.. that's gonna hunt me for the rest of the day..
arcaico arcaico
wes... ya saying splattery is a style now? I dare to say comparing Micose´s style´s with marco´s usual "I can paint blood" entries is an offense to Naiko... geez!! gotta repeat what Alex said, cause it was fucking great...
arcaico arcaico
"This image shouldn’t be deleted. But it should be ignored by voters for the simple fact that marco has done this over 20 times… The day he won’t get a single vote for that crappy repetitive blood concept, that’ll be the end of it."
arcaico arcaico
Anyway, jmh should make a marco´s style day, where we were supposed to make blood soaked entries... what do you guys think? huh, huh, huh? style... pffft...
ReyRey ReyRey
The address got chopped. Why does the blood stop here? [img]
volkswes volkswes
arc- I was just saying that everyone has their one style that they like to do, blood just happens to be marco's..kinda like how I like to do skin posts, dewking was known for doing ads, and showcase likes to break things into pieces...better compariso
marcoballistic marcoballistic
I'm just laughing here, I really don't care if people vote of not, this was purposely controversial to make people talk, and boy has it worked. Blood is lazy some say, yeah ok fair enough, their opinion. I do many styles, and many different themes
marcoballistic marcoballistic
... I a however known for gore...thats fine, whatever. And Kansas, who says all the kids were killed, the shadows are long, its early morning, late evening maybe, could be all the care workers, could be crayon, it can be whatever people want it to be
marcoballistic marcoballistic
people are going to say it is a blood image marco,you killed all the tiny kids, you bastard....but if I wanted that, I would have put tiny kid corpses everywhere,I was trying to make people use their imagination...successful or not, it is what it is...
marcoballistic marcoballistic
... and that is what the viewer sees
ReyRey ReyRey
Going for the comments record again?
volkswes volkswes
it's got a long way to go to break the record
volkswes volkswes
Does this one still hold the record?
Feral Hamster Feral Hamster
reyrey, the blood stops there because the ceiling is coated with teflon, so the blood dripped off. duh. you are stupid! and draugaer, i also kind of found it funny but was afraid to say it. ;D
Freakboy Freakboy
rock on marco!
claudiolky claudiolky
Why not make a Homenage to MarcoBLOODlistic as was made to Naiko. Every images with blood, knives, eletric saw, brains, intestins, eyes bouncing... but without Marco because he is PRO in that matter
GrampZ GrampZ
in a moment of stunning clarity Bob visualized the roomful of cute little tots for what they were.... Future Teen Monsters! His course of action was now clear.... the voices agreed... (Yeah, Ok, too much coffee!) This kept running through my head whilst..
GrampZ GrampZ
biking. And I wanted to add to the comments anyway....
GrampZ GrampZ
So did you hear about the Polish guy that bought a new chainsaw? He took it back to the dealer and told the salesman that it took him all day to cut just one cord of wood....
GrampZ GrampZ
The salesman said "well let's take it out back and check it out". So he pulls the rope and revs it up. RAAAAERRRRRR..RERRRRRRRR! The Polish guy says, "Whoa!!! What's that noise!!!!" Hahahahah!!!!
marcoballistic marcoballistic
lol G
marcoballistic marcoballistic
lol I try to entertain Wett :D
Feral Hamster Feral Hamster
i thnk that marco should be banned. and all his votes and wins should be transferred to me. it's only fair.
marcoballistic marcoballistic
yeah it makes sense :D

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 Day Care...
by marcoballistic
Created May 11, 2006
37 votes   48 comments
550w x 600h (101KB)

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execution  6
humor  1
idea  1
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