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Post Wed Apr 12, 2006 9:28 pm   Reply with quote         

Over the last few years I have been keeping personally a list of different Photoshop websites. This list of websites below is compiled from links from users that were sent via email, to getting them from the massive lists on forums, to search engines. Personally I have always had the links broken up in my favorites as “Excellent”, “Good”, or “OK, Disregard”. In the last few weeks I have changed the layout of the list to make it more organized.

My goal was to keep the list short, and organized. This was tough task due to the fact there were some sights that were right on the border of “OK” to “Good” or “Good” to “Excellent”.

Previous List Problems:

First I want to say thanks for the people that have created those massive lists on the forums. These are very helpful, but there are problems with them which are listed below.

1). Because they are so big in size and it is one massive list, a lot of the users miss some very useful websites.
2). Due to the size of them, there are usually a fair amount of duplicates within the list.
3). After about a year a fair amount of the links no longer work.
4). The list were very specific to one subject (tutorials, picture search, etc.) and never combined.

New List Changes:

1). I have always had my favorites broken up into “Excellent”, “Good”, or “OK, Disregard” for the last few years, but what I found interesting is when rechecking the websites on how many were still working. For my “OK, Disregard” 65% were no longer working. For “Good” 37% were no longer working. “Excellent” 6% were no longer working. The reason for this is because the site that is “OK”, then it would get very few visitors. Without visitors the owner of the website will more then likely take down the site due to cost or the time it takes to maintain the site. With limiting the list to strictly “Good” or “Excellent” it should limit the amount of links that no longer work in the future.
2). This list has been sorted to remove all duplicates links.
3). With having a more organized list and shorter in size it should help the users to be able to view all the sites without missing any links because of the size of the list.
4). This list supports a few main categories (picture searches, tutorials, mods, etc.) which will help get the information in one list.
5). All sites there is no monthly, signup or no cost to maintain an account.

Determining The Grade

So how did I decide on “Excellent” or “Good” or “OK, Disregard” grade? It was based on 3 areas: 1). Quantity of items for that category. 2). Quality of items for that category. 3). Usefulness/Uniqueness of the items for that category. There are sites that have excellent quality and usefulness but low on the quantity and you will find some of them made it to “Excellent” grade.

Improving The List

First, this list is by no means finished. There are so many areas that need to be improved on and this is were I need your help. Here are some ways to improve this list.

1). Add more “Good” or “Excellent” websites to the document. I know I have missed a lot of sites.
2). Create more main categories. As you see I did not touch on many Photoshop areas such as Actions, Filters, Brushes, Photo Hosting, etc.
3). Create sub-categories for the main categories. An example would be is if you have a few picture search sites that are primarily landscape pictures, then maybe create a landscape sub-category. Or you could create sub-categories for video based tutorials that explain Photoshop.
4). A group of users may determine that certain sites should be in a different grade or even no longer on the list. Remember the grade was assigned by myself. That does not mean it is 100% correct. Also you may find a site that has a “Good” status but because the website made a major facelift, that it should be a status of “Excellent”. Decide as a group and make the changes as needed.
5). To expand this list further, someone could make a site/page that allows the user to enter the link/category information and the site/page and would take the average of the users votes to determine the grade. Now I know some of you are thinking, but there are already sites out there that grade a tutorial. Remember the links below are not about 1 tutorial only, these are tutorial sites. The grading sites that I have seen are grading for a tutorial and not for a tutorial site.

I hope that you enjoy this list and we can take this list and improve on it even more.

Photoshop Contest Sites

Photoshop Excellent Tutorial Sites
New 04/17/06:
New 04/17/06:

Excellent Free Photo Search

Excellent Free Movie Photo Search

Photoshop Good Tutorial Sites
New 04/17/06:
New 04/17/06:

Good Free Photo Search


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Post Wed Apr 12, 2006 9:32 pm   Reply with quote         

Good wrap up.
And for all those who are wondering... Yeah, on this site (mentionned above) you can search for many things AND bald eagles...


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Post Wed Apr 12, 2006 9:56 pm   Reply with quote         

you freaky categorizer! Laughing Wink nice work

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Post Wed Apr 12, 2006 10:40 pm   Reply with quote         

wasup with bald eagles? Question


TheShaman wrote:
fine fine! I'm an idiot!

Post Thu Apr 13, 2006 8:32 am   Reply with quote         

I am happy you like and about the bald eagle, oops, that must of been the one I was on when I did my favorites. I try to check the picture searches and see if they embed a watermark and if it is a huge watermark, I try to stay away from them.

Post Thu Apr 13, 2006 11:51 am   Reply with quote         

very impressive compilation of resources there, radical.
Thanks for the links! Keep up the good work.



Location: Somerville MA

Post Thu Apr 13, 2006 12:26 pm   Reply with quote         

Russian women .net Shocked Razz ~ you've got some great sites! Cool

Post Thu Apr 13, 2006 4:57 pm   Reply with quote         

mikey wrote:
Russian women .net Shocked Razz ~ you've got some great sites! Cool

Well thank you, and thanks to all that are pleased with this listing. I can honestly say that reading site has made me better. Not great, but better.

I am hoping that over time, this list gets expanded and tweaked and improved. I'm a dabbler in Photoshop and my wife is a fan of my work, so I have one person supporting me, lol. Well everyone take care.


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Post Thu Apr 13, 2006 5:48 pm   Reply with quote         

that's great, Very Happy
now do the same for flash Wink


Hallcross Toots

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Post Thu Apr 13, 2006 6:09 pm   Reply with quote         

Insanely awesome flash sites

acceptable flash sites

there you happy now splodge?

Look out behind you!

Location: Yorkshire,

Post Fri Apr 14, 2006 8:35 am   Reply with quote         

thanks Mr fungus,

i wonder if i could put all those PS links on a page full of buttons???


Hallcross Toots

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Post Fri Apr 14, 2006 2:51 pm   Reply with quote         

splodge wrote:


Look out behind you!

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Post Fri Apr 14, 2006 5:23 pm   Reply with quote         

thanks! Very Happy

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Post Tue Apr 18, 2006 8:57 pm   Reply with quote         

FYI, after about 40 new sites, I have added 2 very good tutorial sites and 2 good tutorial sites. I have added it to the original post.


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Post Mon May 29, 2006 6:02 pm   Reply with quote         

this is worthy pumping up


TheShaman wrote:
fine fine! I'm an idiot!

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