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Post Fri Aug 12, 2005 12:41 pm   Reply with quote         

I'm alittle new to I've noticed that I"m holding steady at about 6 votes per round, wondering what I can do to improve my votes, and my pics in general. Just looking for some honest critiqueing and a couple friends to talk to on here. Love the site! Thanks in advance to all that respond was unaware of the forums until my buddy Goat1981 told me of them. Thanks

heres some links to a couple of my favorite pics any comments suggestions please mention some of what you like about them too so i don't get rid of it Thanks

Thanks Guys & Girls

Happy Chopping.

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Post Fri Aug 12, 2005 1:37 pm   Reply with quote         

I think your work is terrific, Josh. You've received good feedback because you've asked for it. You're smart to do that. I like this site but my fav contest is at because it allows you an entire month to come up with up to 3 ideas using 3 images they provide. Yes, love seeing all the creativity from all around the world. Are you a student or enjoy "chopping" as you chaps refer to it on the side? Just interested. Anyway, you're doing great and keep at it! Will look for your entries from now on.

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Post Fri Aug 12, 2005 2:07 pm   Reply with quote         

Overall, I think you're off to a pretty decent start. Dont be too impatient for the votes.

my 2 cents...others will see it differently...just like other forms of "art"...

image 1...

  • too much contrast between what you added and the source. It looks like two different images mashed together.
  • skip the lens flares. they are mostly just distracting.
  • what you did with the starting image (Saturation? Brightness?) just didnt work either. too harsh for me.
  • I spent too much time looking at the too small people wondering what they were doing there. you have to be more convincing with your style than just popping in some picture of blurry running people. The starting image was a cold wasteland. these people are running with shorts and t-shirts. doesnt help the image at all

image 2...
Id start with spelling microcosm right. People might have gotten it better.
This idea just isnt enough to get more votes than it did. you can hardly even see the source in it. you have to do more with the source than just adjust transparency or change a blending method.

image 3...
As your "Author's comment" suggests, its great that you crack yourself up but remember what you think is funny or a great idea can and will be far different than what others think around here.

I wasnt too impressed with the use of the source. its the same leaf as in the starting image. It looks the same, its the same color, its a bit boring really. As I mentioned, failing to add appropriate shadows and finish the edges of your cutouts around the collar really gave this image a "flat" unfinished look.

future considerations...
If you look at the winning entries, for the most part, they dont include the main object of the starting image in its original form. It has been modified in one manner or another.

Create an image that works without a "story" in the "Author's comment" The good images can be seen for what they are long before you get to the comments made by the author.

always, always, always pay attention to details like lighting, shadows, and perspective. These things make the difference between an average cut and paste job and a great cut and paste job.

Keep working. The more you do, the better you'll get. Do it for the fun and learning and the votes will come. push yourself to go just a bit further on every image. try something new...if it doesnt work out...go back and try it a different way. Read online tutorials for different effects and basic image editing methods.

just have fun...thats the most important. If you worry about votes too much, you'll go bonkers (like Marco, lol hahaha juss jivin wit ya dude Twisted Evil ). Dont give up.

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Post Fri Aug 12, 2005 5:09 pm   Reply with quote         

I like the way your chops are going but I agree with Show, you definalty have to watch the minor details, like shadows etc. There are alot of great choppers here and think its beacuse they have great attention to detail, just keep practicing as I'm still doing and you'll definaltey get the votes you deserve! Very Happy


Post Fri Aug 12, 2005 5:16 pm   Reply with quote         

Thanks for the feed back. I've been talking to a couple other people on here, and a couple friends at home that have touched on similar conclusions to yours. I have been working to improve my standings, both as a designer and as a contestant on the site. I believe at least a couple of the issues you've mentioned are being addressed. as for changing an image from completely source, i'm completely unpracticed in the art. I may try a couple up and comings with minor minipulations of the sort. But I whole hartedly agree that, this issue is my biggest concern...

i'd appreciate commentators feed back on today's pic as well if anyone happens to be paying attention still.

Thanks all,

Happy Chopping

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