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Photoshop Contest Head to Head Tournament 2009
jerryhami vs ReyRey
winner! votes round compare to
ReyRey 114 Round #7 original
Winning Image

Voting Details
glennhanna glennhanna
Sjitske Sjitske
The other I really like as well but.....Holy mother of god cow damn shebang! extremely cool! Gongrats and gonna def fav this! ;)
TheShaman TheShaman
First: Congrats to you both! Hard for me not to vote for this. Love the story, the shadows/lighting, Noah, and the monkeys! bravo!
Azionite Azionite
It's about freakin' time you won this thing! You are the Photoshop Mastaahh!!
kinetic_be kinetic_be
Both are nice, but this is not only damn well executed, it's funny as hell too :D
Gort Gort
both are great....this one is unbelievable in it's greatness! Awesome work
Tarmac Tarmac
Cartoon Contractor Cartoon Contractor
Both nicely done but this one impressed me more!
ScionShade ScionShade
Bllody Hell this is brilliant.
candron candron
both amazing works
bneises bneises
Damn it! There are both really good! I guess that is what I should expect from the final H2H. This one gets it in my opinion because all the elements just look right. Great job to the both of you!
Dechene Dechene
spectacular! wow this is good - spun me out when i first saw it. the other is fantastic but this will be hard to beat, congratulations very much!
nat_g31 nat_g31
Nice job by both of you and congrats. This however is an easy decision. This chop is epic and belongs in my favs. Well done!
Grefix Grefix
splodge splodge
rockfisch rockfisch
absolutely fantastic
Tesore Tesore
YerPalAl YerPalAl
Both of these entries are exceptional and it took a lot of soul searching before I finally decided on the ark. I'd like to congratulate you both on jobs well done. I'm proud to be on the same site with you both.
pakimo pakimo
Two very good entries, but this a little bit better :-)
L@rue L@rue
delia delia
Wow! They are both awesome (as should be expected from H2H championship round!) I am drawn to the coloring and lighting in this one, the wood of the ship is awesome too!
dewking dewking
BroChris BroChris
Man...VERY TOUGH CHOICE. They are actually very similar in how they interact with their environments. Both are very well done. In the end, I like the monkey.
supak0ma supak0ma
vokaris vokaris
seelcraft seelcraft
Great work, both of you! This one has much finer detail. Water is much more dramatic when frozen in mid-splash (not that I know how to do that...)
Prince Laurent Prince Laurent
All the way and spirit of photoshopping is included in this wonderful entry !! This year, the BEST pic of the BEST chopper of the best site will win the final. Hats, Author !! ... and a great THANKS for creating this beauty for us ! ;O)
UntExp UntExp
annajon annajon
Touch choice, but I have to go with the comic relief in the end.
both images are great, but the execution here is superb
Doodler! Doodler!
Both are great but I like this one a bit better... hard choice
blue_lurker blue_lurker
Freakin both outstanding...other than I like this more I have no other reason not to vote for the other
TofuTheGreat TofuTheGreat
Wow. Great final round! Kudos to both of you!
arcaico arcaico
congrats Rey. You'll enjoy yer lifetime advantage. I got two of them and it tastes good. ;) I must add I loved this one. Congrats to Jerry for getting this far too. :)
Patre Patre
Both are terrific images! I voted for this one because I liked the detail of the conversion to a wood facade, the Noah's ark theme, contrast of boat color with sky and surrounding milieu which gives the image a powerfully strong foreground and "pop" and the various elements of humor found throughout the image. I also like the" rainbow" colors in the sky-better days ahead.
DaVinci DaVinci
WOW!!! One of the best chops ever...beautiful!
jazgraphic jazgraphic
This One!
CarlC CarlC
Good Luck
carmine665 carmine665
Amen Rey. Shout out to jerryhami, great job!
Govan Govan
Good work,lol;-)
gravityx9 gravityx9
what an awesome image! tough to choose! congrats on making it to the finals!
billtvshow billtvshow
One of the finest entries in the history of the site. Very good showing by the other as well, solid finals.
anfa anfa
bogsy bogsy
Krank Krank
Both rock! This one rocks a tiny bit more. Best matchup of the contest!
Oscar Oscar
It was sooooo hard to decide, the skill involved in both chops is amazing. This one wins.
mikey mikey
Both entries are great! ~ This is my favorite though! ~ BAM!!! :)
rashdog rashdog
rockyjob rockyjob
Man, just look at the wood!!!! LOOK AT THE WOOD!!!!! The shadows, the idea the FUCKING AWESOME execution. DAMN...This IS A GREAT ROUND!!!
pjsev pjsev
Both pictures were well done. I love the wood on this boat. Beautiful picture.
no_edens_eve no_edens_eve
what a fantastic way to end the H2H... excellent job both of you & good luck! ^-^
matO matO
superior work, love love love!
sirenka sirenka
bluefist bluefist
jazpur jazpur
WOW, very nice!
Tea Man Tea Man
Some freaking amazering fantabulistic woodworking extravagance on this one, if that makes sense?
ReinMan ReinMan
Wow wow wow - both of these deserve to win... but the extra work on the boat here swings the balance for me. Congrats to both of you for EXCELLENT work in the H2H arena!! :)
jccrowder jccrowder
Tommeken Tommeken
this was a very hard choice...but this one is the one i like the most...yet it took me while to decide witch to vote for...both very nice work!
Claf Claf
Both excellent ideas. I like the atmosphere and composition of the other one, but this one is far ahead... more creative and we can't compare the quality of execution... lot of work, well done & not easy to do. Congrats ReyRey! :)
Goat1981 Goat1981
Absolutely amazing work. So crisp. This was a tough choice, because both entries are very solid. This one just edges the other out for the idea and extremely solid chopping. Wow.
pearlie pearlie
so very good. ;-)
sonic3 sonic3
Congrats to both on getting this far and for giving me a headache trying to decide which one to vote for. Two great entries and sadly only one can win. this gets my vote because of the transformation of the boat to a wooden boat. But both are amazing.
Sassy Sassy
yello_piggy yello_piggy
this rocks!
buglover buglover
This is a BEAUTY! My Big Respect - Hope you made it in real High Res so U can sell it :P Worthy winner of a community that can be proud of him I am.
Micose Micose
congrats on the win...
Scrumpy Scrumpy
marcoballistic marcoballistic
Well you should have gone out about 3 times during this H2H, but to your credit you had things on, illness, work, all that shit and more, and here you are in the final, and really in all seriousness, you of all people deserve to have a fabled H2H win in your possession. You have the skills and passion, you give a massive ammount to this site and the people on it. Without you the site would be a much poorer place. So Mr Rey, I take my hate off to you, stare at you in that hollywood moment style way across an empty checkerboard of a psd file, and slowly offer you a silent nod of approval. You are, have been and always will be an inspiration to me and many here at PSC. This entry is nothing short of brilliance, that the final deserves. And yes this may infact be my most epic of compliments I have ever put forward on this site. But unlike you jest that my words usually have little meaning or sway. I hope these ones do for you. My favorite of the entire H2H by a long way, how fitting it is in the final, and the author is you. Well done to Jerry to, quite literally a David versus Goliath performance in the H2H this year. Such a pleasure to witness, took out some very big names, and so deservedly. Bravo for that. Just one step to far, but 2nd place is nothing to be down about. To both of you, very well done, cant wait for the next H2H, hope it is the autumn one. As this has been one of the few shining lights of PSC in recent weeks, gone very quiet, and some sad news to that we all know about. Anyways, to a bright new future and all that. Congrats Rey, and indded Jerry to. I shall stop rambling now :oD
rett435 rett435
Eve Eve
Beautiful execution! Fav'd
jasper jasper
nifft nifft
FootFungas FootFungas
Tawiskaro Tawiskaro
The other entry is very good. This is just a bang up job. Great idea and execution.
Paul Von Stetina Paul Von Stetina
Tough decision, almost had to flip a coin, both are top notch works.
Synthvet Synthvet
captainSMITTY11 captainSMITTY11
the entire thing reconstructed, and all in 2 days in unreal...great work (great work on the other one too)
bigbuck bigbuck
digitalpharaoh digitalpharaoh
Mir Mir
At this stage both are very good entries but I vote for this one because I love the humor in it. Love the idea and execution, especially the crack in the bottom and beautiful skies and of course all the animals. I think this is a great image worthy of being the winner of the H2H. Well done to both of you.
Meaty Meaty
theduplicate theduplicate
Fabulous !!!
nancers nancers
Both are excellent, however, this one gets my vote. Maybe Noah's ark might not be considered "original" but the humor of the monkeys and Noah waving the stick just did it for me.
fractalthinker fractalthinker
Painfully tough choice. Both submissions worthy of the final. I'm going with this one based on framing of the subject within the image. If more of the creature was shown in the other, my vote may have been different.
the burning couch the burning couch
Daaamn*!* ,,,them chimps is huuge
Pearcinator Pearcinator
Two stunning entries for the H2H finals. Both have different takes on the source and they are both fantastic. I like this one because its a lot more crisp looking than the other. The sheer comedy and lighter tone of this one is what i like about it best though. Well done to both of you!
Draco Draco
Both are great.. I just like the idea of this 1..
TutorMe TutorMe
Really tough choice. Congrats to both of you.
chrispvan chrispvan
GhostlyJoe GhostlyJoe
zoli22 zoli22
the other one is great too but this one is.....FANTASTIC!!! congrat man!
thbeghin thbeghin
Granulated Granulated
fuck my old boots, this is magnificent ! (and it had to be because the opponenet entry is extremely good.
Salvezza Salvezza
Both amazing work.. I would love to vote for both of these.. I have to go with this one though because it looks so detailed.
Meeshoo Klan Meeshoo Klan
My favorite!!! (Great execution here!!!) The winner is.... Noah's Ark
dunno dunno
cool... the _almost_ cartoonish look is great
txpinky txpinky
Though choice, but this is pure art!
fempie fempie
Both of you great work!
nevet nevet
this one has a monkey....
abraham abraham
bsoholic bsoholic
Serps Serps
gsenthil gsenthil
very good job reyrey
cafn8d cafn8d
Wow! Totally awesome & congratulations, both of you! I love the transformation + details + composition + colors + lighting + mood + humor of this piece. But I'm still sorry to have to choose... and I'm sorry that the H2H is drawing to a close. Looking forward to the next one already! :D
Heinlein Heinlein
clonestamp trooper clonestamp trooper
smee smee
Dot Dot
gravyboat gravyboat
Canuck <)))>< Canuck <)))><
monkeytwig monkeytwig

author votes round compare to
jerryhami 12 Round #7 original

Voting Details
ReyRey ReyRey
borntofly borntofly
anabe anabe
hard choice, but I love the drama and movement of this! Water and sky are very well done! All of it...
malnsk malnsk
this is possibly the hardest figures:) i have to vote for this one, i love the scene and execution, but the noah's arc is also great.
Dragon Dragon
This was a tough one, but I like the use of source in this one! Wish I could have voted for both!
Janfet Janfet
Napalm32 Napalm32
Hard choice. I'll go for the more realistic. Did i say realistic? bwaaabwaaabwaa
rose-wood71 rose-wood71
Cherree Cherree
dbbowling dbbowling
Netwel Netwel
Great job on both. very hard to choose. Love both the stories. This one looks just a bit more finsihed.
xovlov xovlov

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