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Photoshop Contest Head to Head Tournament 2010
TheShaman vs Pearcinator
winner! votes round compare to
Pearcinator 86 Round #1 original
Winning Image

Voting Details
TheShaman TheShaman
I get all the silver ones OK? Really nice job Pearcinator. Good luck.
:-@dolly :-@dolly
kinetic_be kinetic_be
Napalm32 Napalm32
nyxxie nyxxie
I have to say that it was a very hard choice, but I had to go with this one. It just seems cleaner and more skill. Both are excellent though. Good luck.
Meeshoo Klan Meeshoo Klan
:) like my theme
TofuTheGreat TofuTheGreat
Both are topical. Oil spill vs. recession. I'm voting this one as you changed it from a cup to something different.
rose-wood71 rose-wood71
nice idea
claudiolky claudiolky
dannyboyuk09 dannyboyuk09
Cool idea. Toyed with a VERY similar idea myself.
Starman Starman
YerPalAl YerPalAl
CRAP! This is a tough choice!
Mir Mir
great idea, beautifully executed.
volkswes volkswes
this is a popular hammer
Cartoon Contractor Cartoon Contractor
Nice job! (I've seen this hammer before somewhere!)
dewking dewking
Nicely done... funny that its the same hammer used in another H2H entry :) (though this shadow is better)
Heinlein Heinlein
Both are really good, but this stands out more. Good Luck!
annajon annajon
Nice work on the shards and the counter. Don't like the hammer - something is not right there
max&roro max&roro
Good idea.
Sjitske Sjitske
nice! hammer seems a bit floaty but nice / creative anyways! ;)
blue_lurker blue_lurker
both very clever images and good solid work as well, I like this one a little more for no other reason than I like it, hard call for me. Well done to you both
woobie woobie
Dead Man Dead Man
UntExp UntExp
mawaho mawaho
mikey mikey
Prince Laurent Prince Laurent
Very smart (no big clean-up problem) but effective! ;-)
ihaveissues ihaveissues
jazgraphic jazgraphic
pakimo pakimo
Nice :)
rruotolo rruotolo
Trann Trann
Stevster Stevster
nicely done
bogsy bogsy
Alex Alex
Tommeken Tommeken
awsome...looks like alot of work...nice entry's for the both of ya
Huubbbb Huubbbb
Well done :) but i swear ive seen the hammer too in a previous chop lol
Mid Mid
OMG! thats so awesome
TheLeftHand37 TheLeftHand37
WOW both are suberb, i just love this idea!
vunt van pumununt vunt van pumununt
good idea & clean execution
NButler NButler
seelcraft seelcraft
I love the commentary on the other one. This one is better executed, exp
Krank Krank
Eve Eve
I like the crispness of this one.
Tad Tad
deshone deshone
bad shadow work ... but nicely done
metalic metalic
mastermason mastermason
gramps gramps
anfa anfa
Two really nice entries. This is my favourite of the two.
Janfet Janfet
I love both ideas!
nevet nevet
dbbowling dbbowling
thbeghin thbeghin
delia delia
We've seen this hammer before. LOL! Coins are floating a little on the wooden edge, but the pig is great.
Netwel Netwel
cool idea
rockfisch rockfisch
Granulated Granulated
on closer inspection there are some major flaws here but its still the better entry for me.
sirenka sirenka
BroChris BroChris
Tawiskaro Tawiskaro
Both are good. The timeliness of the BP entry is noteworthy, as are the integration and depth. The piggy bank works a bit better for me, though I'm not sure of the perspective of the coins: they look almost as if they are lying on an irregular surface--like a rumpled bed.
Sh!Za Sh!Za
rashdog rashdog
nifft nifft
nancers nancers
IDK if others will notice that you did use pieces from the original, but I did. Seems to me that same hammer was in another match...haha!
jorzza jorzza
screwloose screwloose
pjsev pjsev
glennhanna glennhanna
That's a lot of money in the bank, enough to buy a new bank.
Oscar Oscar
Seen this hammer before
anabe anabe
looks realistic
Dechene Dechene
how in the hell did all that money fit in that piggy??
abraham abraham
L@rue L@rue
digitalpharaoh digitalpharaoh
charliesou charliesou
rockyjob rockyjob
I like the cleverly placed coins, only noticed at second look
Carcarlo Carcarlo
Doc_isme Doc_isme
Claf Claf
Cool! I prefer this idea. Need some work on shadows and perspective is wrong at lowest part of money. :-)
carmine665 carmine665
daKimmer daKimmer
mellowdesign mellowdesign

author votes round compare to
TheShaman 62 Round #1 original

Voting Details
Pearcinator Pearcinator
Quite topical. This cos of the oil spill? Surfer ant??? watever thats cool.
DLowrie DLowrie
janetdog janetdog
really needed 19 billion more barrels of oil
Tesore Tesore
@ least he has his coffee today
billtvshow billtvshow
Love this, great thematic.
spencej1129 spencej1129
floating porcelian... hmmm... i like
Mel47 Mel47
bigbuck bigbuck
FootFungas FootFungas
Nice. Not sure why an ant is out in the ocean, though.
neurotoxic neurotoxic
ReyRey ReyRey
spikelmalo spikelmalo
Sliver Sliver
Watch them Drift Watch them Drift
The other has some shadow issues and I've seen that hammer before, glad I took it out of mine before I submitted. Your political implications are what did it for me on this one. (does ceramic float?)
Hagen Hagen
Nice entry...! This is a shity disaster for the Earth...! +1
buglover buglover
bp - vote!
marcoballistic marcoballistic
Ok so there are a few BP entries around, this though is by far the best I have seen yet. Love the illustrative look and the topical overall to it. The other is a nice idea, but for me the shadows let it down, most things look like they are floating
Sanctuary Sanctuary
poor ant
j58roldan j58roldan
MonkeeDrummer MonkeeDrummer
I like the theme and composition of this one, looks great, the other is a cool idea, but the shadows just don't seem right.
CarlC CarlC
ha haaaaaa! best of the oil spills! great work here, real nice atmosphere
Azionite Azionite
This one is really hard to decide. They are both well done! Like the idea of this one, though..
ReinMan ReinMan
Both of these are very good entries, but this one is certainly more topical to my eyes!
badcop badcop
vokaris vokaris
Both entries are good, hard to choose. This one has a more appealing composition.
Salvezza Salvezza
Patre Patre
Huni Huni
supak0ma supak0ma
don't like either but shadows are all wrong on the other
bogonet bogonet
rett435 rett435
DaVinci DaVinci
Ha! Blame BP!
kittie kittie
This was a bit of a hard decision, but in your opponents entry it appears that the bits and the hammer are a little too "floaty". (irony for your floating oil spill.)
Lord David Lord David
monkeytwig monkeytwig
Michel Michel
Great, my first thought too!
Jake420 Jake420
Awesome but why is that ant way out there lol
the burning couch the burning couch
Vivid...Dramatic....I likes*!
koorio koorio
MamaBallistic MamaBallistic
The other entry is good however a lot of the image seems to float, to my eye anyway. This entry is topical, well executed & pleasing to look at too - well done!
Chopper Chopper
kbuzz818 kbuzz818
nat_g31 nat_g31
Surprised to see so many BP entries. The thought never crossed my mind at all! This is, to me, the best of the BP entries. I love the coloring and the added ant is a nice touch. Nice idea on the other entry.
Tea Man Tea Man
good match
bneises bneises
Goat1981 Goat1981
jazpur jazpur
jefflang007 jefflang007
pollyO pollyO
Eepi Eepi
Chris. Chris.
sonic3 sonic3
ElectronChaser ElectronChaser
bsoholic bsoholic
m0nk m0nk
TutorMe TutorMe
Very cool.
cafn8d cafn8d
Good job to both. I almost did an oil spill theme for mine. I like the juxtaposition here of such a tragedy within such a beautiful setting.
Cambria Cambria
soulrock soulrock
arcaico arcaico

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